What would you have liked to being

If you hadn’t the illness , what job would you have liked
Mine would have being meteorologist, then biologist , what I trained for , computer engineer , would be up there as well. I find beauty in algorithms and design , I’m a bit of a geek.


I was doing my apprenticeship to become a chef. The hours and stress where to much to complete the training. Not sure if I would done something else if I wasn’t ill. But would of completed the training.

I would have liked to be a wildlife ecologist. The job suits my interests and temperament.

Would have loved to be a physicist who worked at CERN

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In a perfect world where teachers weren’t under stress from their administration and parents I would love to teach again.

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Someone who would be involved in changing the world in an awesome way without becoming noticed.

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I would like to be a psychiatrist if I weren’t ill, so as to help other people, or a vet.

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If I had the capacity to study I would do that. Maybe be a scientist. Microbiology or something like that. I was very interrested in biology in school. DNA and stuff. Find cures for illnesses.

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Sports for me.Footballer or sports related job…I can still open a sports equipment store though…


I Would Be On Stage Rite Now In Las Vegas Playing My Guitar L(Y)Ke A Spaced Out Freak!!! ,

Fo Reels ,

I’m Actually Working On My Second Free Album Rizite Now ,

Sadly I’m Stuck ,

It’s Cause I Miss aYlias ,

N E Hoo ,

Working On My Free Second Album ,

Why You Ask ???

Cause I Love Music ,

And Imma Gonna Lyve My Dream Since 15 ,

No Matter What !!!


soz im excited and I don’t know why … !! …

I would like to speak english good enough to know wheter is this thread grammatically correct or not.

What would you have liked to being.

u kidding me?!
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You can still edit the title I thing. Just click the little pencil thingy next to the title. I think there is no time limit for that compared to the context of the post.

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No, I don’t think the title of this thread is grammatically correct I think it should have been written: “What would you have liked to have been being”. Since the author stated it at first in the past- tense as in stating “would have” to then write “liked to being” is both past and present pre-tense in the same sentence. I don’t use proper English myself all the time. I don’t think it really matters unless you would like to become a writer or editor.

An astronomer or librarian


Sure it doesn’t matter for itself but for me.

Run my own web based business.

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Something matters only when we decide that it does to us personally speaking. However, I think we would all agree that all the basic life supporting things matter the most, like water and air and food, but only if we want to live. Sorry , that I forgot who started this thread.

I would have liked to been a cop. I actually took the exams an passed training to become one but I declined. Was kidding myself thinking I could actually do it


i think a dancer or a singer but that is now and not what i thought back then when i was young,

when i was young i didnt know what i wanted to do and then i got unwell.