What is your survival skillz

my survivel skill is art

Lately video games. Even more recently I have just been laying in bed. Been going through some depression.


I would have to say music

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what do you survive when listen to your favourite song ?

Not just listening to music, writing and playing music. It is my salvation from the voices and boredom

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When things get really rough, I take some Beta Alanine. That chills me out for hours. I can’t take it all the time as I get aches and pains. Which is a pity.

So I guess my survival skills are supplements.

goot you have great choice of expiriencing reality beautiful i think

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I think it is lying in bed and dream away. In my 30’s it was sports, but since the ect’s 10 years ago i discovered the power of sleeping lately.

Well usually it’s listening to music. Other times it’s video games and movies.

I can light up a cigarette with not working lighter and piece of paper

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