How strong is your survival instinct/

I want to survive but sometimes I put other peoples survival ahead of my own.


i have no survival instinct…
some people have this will to survive anything…an apocalypse… :boom:
me i just don’t have that eternal will to keep going.
i am not suicidal just don’t have that ’ will '.
take care :alien:

Me either. Yet somehow…here we are…

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i see people departing this earth for all kinds of things/reasons.
yet i don’t die…
it is like i am mr magoo !?!
take care :alien:

Yeah, Mr. Magoo was a survivor. He was half blind but he managed OK.

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I don’t think I died either. When I last checked I still had all ten fingers and ten toes

I wouldn’t say I have a huge survival instinct… but yet I’m still here… and plan on being here longer…

So I guess it’s pretty good…

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Mine is in the outlier range

im not one to do one show of that survival, but I was teach a lot of skills in hunting traping fishing tracking etc by people who care to teach it!

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