what is your experience in combating negative symptoms?

I drink four cups of instant coffee every morning and take 300mg of Wellbutrin every morning and my negatives are gone.

Edit: I read instant coffee has 47mg of caffeine in a teaspoon so I was getting over 400mg of caffeine each day by using two rounded teaspoons of instant coffee in each cup four times each morning for a few years using Nescafé but I recently switched to Folgers instant coffee which I read doesn’t have a lot of caffeine but I still feel good every day with no more negatives.

I take probiotics for my diverticular disease. They help with it. Maybe a minor boost for negative symptoms, but they are not curing them by any means.

I switched to abilify and that helped. Also an antidepressant helped me immensely.

Also I began finding things like hobbies. It was hard at first but I forced myself to do them.

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Borderline? Mood state or personality disorder thingy?

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Borderline as in normal/hypomania way.

Mania means a full psychotic episode for me

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