Who recovered from bad neg. symptoms?

I want to hear some success stories of ppl who recovered from negative symptoms over time with or without meds. If with meds, what meds? How long did it take you to see a change and what meds were u on?

I know @SurprisedJ is one person who came out if negative symptoms, who else?

My anhedonia improved greatly off meds. My blunted affect also improved. On meds it was horrible. The rest of the negative symptoms have not improved at all on or off meds for me.


I think sarcosine helped me out allot , either that or my symptoms got better with time.

I have never tried sarcosine. Im in Ireland and the docs arnt great. I asked for an activating antidepressant because of my symptoms and they wouldnt give me one.

Im sick of negative symptoms. Im sleeping in to 2:30 in the afternoon and going back to be about 5. I have no motivation. It really sucks.

I’m still struggling because of stigma. Over the years I’ve had a lot of bad episodes that got triggered from bad social experiences and that lasted long periods of time and either happened in succession or intermittently, like I had moments of clarity when I had no stresses, but the past was always at play or the narrative of my underlying issues.

I have taken mood stabilizers like Lamictal ODT, Vraylar, and antipsychotics like Latuda, Risperdal, Haldol (when I was in the hospital), Zyprexa, and antidepressant I can’t remember but had no effect. The mood stabilizers will allow you to function more but they make you nauseous and make you sensitive to heat and cold and cause anxiety when coming off of them. The antipsychotics will prevent you from being able to take care of yourself and do things if dose is too high and cause Depression, although Zyprexa before bed is not bad. I have never had a good experience with any antidepressant I’ve been given, i.e. they dampen your emotions and make you feel agitated and like you’re in a dream like state and could make it hard to socialize and might make you want to hurt yourself.

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me too I like mood stabilizers. they calm me a little bit, even more than my antipsychotic(Zyprexa). I dont have problems with taking my meds now but I have no social life. I start to realise that it will be really hard in the future with this stigma of the illness like helpmepls said it here… the people are bad with us, that’s the reality…
but for the negative symptoms, there are only the aps for the moment on the market. my Zyprexa helps me to be on my feet during the day.

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My negative symptoms used to be unbearable. I had no motivation or initiative and no drive. I went to bed at 18:00 and slept till 13:00 the next day. I did get up each day for a shower but that was about the best I could do. I had totally withdrawn socially. I was contemplating suicide at the time. My ap was Clopixol depot. My doctor put me on Epitec for n mood stabalizer then the suicidal ideation went away after a couple of months. About a year later I changed my ap to Olanzapine but I got diabetes on it. Then I changed to Abilify. Things soon became better for me. I went to bed at 8 pm now and sleep untill 10 am. Someone told me the other day that I am almost my old self again. I am all right to handle conversation when I am with one person but when I am in a group my mind shut down and I can’t talk to any one. Some days when I need to a lot of stuff I can stand up at 8 am and go to 8 pm without taking a nap in between. I still suffer avolition but not so intense as it use to be. I still suffer social isolation but it is lot better. I give Abilify the credit for my improvement

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Does abilify cause weight gain?

I think very mild. It’s suposed to be weight neutral.

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I have bad negative symptoms. Im on 150 mg xephlion. I sleep from 22:00 to 14:00. I keep asking my pdoc to reduce the dose and he just ignores me.

Can’t remember them all – been on meds for nearly 25 years. Everything from Thorazine, Haldol, Clozapine, Olanzapine, etc., to newer drugs like Geodon (awesome) and now Rexulti (super awesome).

Took about four years to start to get neg symptoms under control, but that also included therapy and lots and lots of AA meetings. I give most of the credit for straightening out twisted thinking to AA’s 12 Steps. Wonderful program for unlearning old bad habits, learning new good ones, and re-wiring your brain.

Edit: Sarcosine is the only supplement that has worked for me for neg symptoms and it works surprisingly well. Really takes the edge off them. I still struggle with them daily.

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I am having good luck with vitamin D3, K2 , folate and b12 . Get tested for D, folate and B12. Also, I eat a spinach salad many times a week. Full of nutrients. My anxiety about doing stuff other than work is subsiding.

I’m on Rexulti too, I’m upping the dose and I have noticed small man boobs developing. Rexulti increases prolactin at a higher dose so be conscious of that going forward. But you can’t tell how it will effect you, everyone is different.

Yes, me, but only when I lowered the dose of my meds a lot or quit them (after which I relapsed into psychosis and had to get back on meds). So that’s not very useful to you I guess, sorry.

When I used Abilify I had also less negative symptoms, but it didn’t stop my psychosis.

remission 6 years…

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At my young age ı was always sleeping,ı was not hygienic,ı was lack of concentration, avolition, in fact i used to have all negative symptoms.but i was thinking that everybody was like me.but after i diagnosed i understand that these are symptoms of my illness.i m not sure is it from the drugs or my willing i don t have negative symptoms anymore.ı have energy for all things.most wonderful thing is i can study without distraction.thats is most awesome improvement about my symptoms.i m using 75mg invega sustenna