Cognitive/negative symptoms

Is there anyone who’s worse symptoms revolve around cognitive and negative symptoms that have found something that has given them major relief?


I find that linseed oil has a dramatic positive effect. On days when I don’t take it I’m sullen and despondent and on the days I do take it I’m cheerful, happy and productive. Might need a specific gene variant or something but I’m getting quite a large effect.

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sarcosine made me have some more initiative
i was also able to organize myself easier and solve some practical problems easier

also when im on bodybuilding regimen i feel much better
that include amino acids and creatine and carnitine and some others
tribulus too

I suffer badly from negative symptoms, unfortunately I have not found anything to treat them, some days are much worse than others.

I don’t have positives and cognitives, but I do have bad negatives. Deficit schizophrenia is notorious for that. No medicine has helped me, neither have sarcosine and pregnenolone.
I am trying CBT these days and it seems to work to some extent. But “major relief”? Not yet. Maybe after practicing CBT religiously for a couple years…


How long after you started taking sarcosine did you see a difference?

Idk about supplements, but I make lots of lists. For example, I have a list of steps I have to do to get ready in the morning. That helps me get started and helps me stay on track.


two months 151515

I have thought about trying Sarcosine, can I get it on my prescription or have I got to buy it myself, and is it ok to take it with antidepressants and antipsychotics?

you cant have it on prescription but its cheap
its ok to take it with aps and ads EXCEPT clozapine


I suspect that these symptoms are from brain damage or serious brain malfunctions, therefore it is almost impossible to treat them now…

Sarcosine is not all that cheap, not many people sell it.

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i bought it from brainvitaminz like most people here

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Coffee , sarcosine, and just force yourself the best you can to get moving.
Break down tasks.
Like making coffee

  1. Pour in water
  2. Put in coffee
  3. Turn on coffee maker.
  4. Drink coffee until you can do next task :smile:
    I switched to Keurig. So that simplified me making coffee to less steps :joy:

The main thing is just take action whether you feel like it or not. And have some sort of specific goal in mind.


@Andrey you should look at ACT as well good stuff there as well

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The anxiety meds I took got rid of some negatives. Also caffeine + l theanine pills made me able to get more done. They really helped a lot.

Geodon really improved mine. But the side effects ended up making it not worth it.

Try watching your diet. Limit sugars and carbs. No ice cream and soda pop.

Ok buddy, will do :wink:

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In answer to your question, over the years I have had ups and downs. Sometimes you face your “negative symptoms of schizophrenia” and may feel distraught. Other days you feel good, or at least better. I don’t know any single thing to provide “major relief.” There are many ways to try to cope. But probably I am not an expert.
I believe it is relieved over the long haul.
Are you receptive to this sort of reply?