I don't think we are ever going to get much relief from our negative symptoms

Depressing but true. I don’t think there is a drug, supplement or whatever that can improve negatives anywhere near as much as I’d like. Unfortunate, but I think we just have to learn to live with them. As much as I wish it wasn’t true, I don’t think there is magic pill out there. It’s just part of Sz.

Maybe in the future. What meds did you try? I think you told me but I forgot, my memory is bad.

Haldol, Invega and abilify

Choline supplements help correct some acetylcholine imbalances for me and give me back my memory and focus, try getting something like Alpha GPC or Huperzine A and Look at the subreddit for nootropics.

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oh and sarcosine

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Abilify didn’t improve your negatives at all?
Maybe try Vraylar if you really want. I will try it when it comes out, dunno if it will work but Abilify improved my negatives significantly.

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abilify seemed to help a little bit but they are still depressing.

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Sarcosine is good and now the nootropics depot offers it in chewable tablets, I get it every month or two. 1 or 2 g per day work for me.

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I am with you. It is the same for me, I am having to force myself to use my skills to keep up and function. We may sigh but keep pushing on…

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maybe im just having a bad day. I’m tired of not being able to concentrate on reading and tv shows and the like.

I liked sodium benzoate but it made me hyper. Most supplements I tried stop working when you quit them. I read sarcosine might have been permanent. Some supplements might have caused issues with me like aniracetam.

Some were pointless and dangerous experiments and a waste of money. Trial and error and mon scientific out of desperation.

Sarcosine stopped working for me. I rather be off all supplements now except ashwaghanda for increased sexual sensitivity lol. It is an adoption so it balances hormones and lowers bad stuff.

Overall, I dont have much regret. I noticed some improvement in negative symptoms. Some can cause psychosis.

I have past life memories. Not sure if supplements are to blame…

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I read that its used in making vaping juice.

I’m not sure if sarcosine and abilify helped me or if it was just getting off invega that made me feel better. I really wish there were a magic pill…im so tired of the negative and cognitives.

Try Vraylar or Rexulti? Not saying they’ll work but maybe better than now.

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I might try Vraylar but i just switched a couple of months ago so I dont know what my pdoc will say. I just don’t think the magic pill exists though. I think it’s permanent sz damage.

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Some people are just lucky.


My pdr said negative symptoms are dopamine imbalance, some parts of the brain are high in dopamine while others are low in dopamine. We need a med that balances dopamine in all the brain. Idk if that’s possible.


The only thing that’s going to work for negative symptoms is therapy and hard work.

I don’t want to/don’t feel like doing most the ■■■■ I do.

But it has to get done and it’s my responsibility.

The best way to get them under control is to take baby steps and build on progress.


yeah, i agree with that. Low dopamine could be a big contributing factor. But it’s either Low dopamine or Positive symptoms…so we are kind of screwed. Dopamine helps concentration too so that might be part of why I cant watch a tv show for long.

Vraylar sort of tries that.

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