What is your estimate, how far out is a cure for schizophrenia?


I’ll be cured of sz as soon as I quit hollering “Suicide” every time something comes up that requires an effort.


I keep yelling “theater” at crowded fires.


CBT and talk therapy does not cure schizophrenia, he is not trying to claim that.
But when people are super frustrated with dealing with the illness and symptoms, it can be very helpful to talk to someone who actually halfway listens to what you say. Just having someone to try to help you cope with the symptoms and alternative ways of dealing with it(not meds) can be a blessing on it own. It works the same way with support groups, it really helps to talk to other who are going through what you are going through. Sorry for the rant, it is just my two sense.


I can’t tell you when but I believe in about 100 years schizophrenia will be like polio. Treated, prevented, and almost erased from the human mind/condition. I believe it can be cured and prevented and eliminated. We really don’t know much about the brain. It’s sad.

Hopefully corporations will step up and the government and come up with a cure. Do we need another Carnegie or philanthropist billionaire to fix/help major societal problems? I don’t know.

You know, as a conspiracy theorist, they say they already are working on the cure or got it.

I believe the future already exists and time travel will be common place in the future. So why haven’t those time travelers ( or simulators) given us the cure?


I was part of a high quality study where they had determined that it helps those who are HF, but they haven’t published yet.



Ya ur a hf szphrenic…!!!


It will be interesting to see the study when it comes out. It could be that it is only helpful for those who are HF. That would make sense given the cognition needed to do something like CBT.

It will be interesting to see what Keith Laws makes of it and how he analyses the conclusions they’e made.

The trouble with CBT for psychosis,and for other mental health problems too, is that it gets overhyped. Given the vast array of high quality studies stating its very limited positive effect on psychosis it’s obviously not the wonder solution for most CBT cheerleaders make it out to be. That is not to say it wouldn’t work for a subset of patients who are,like you,HF.


They’re having trouble finding enough HF SZs to make publishing worthwhile. :frowning:


That’s a shame as although I am cynical re the way CBT is massively overhyped if it works for a subset of people with psychosis/schizophrenia that information needs to be put out there.


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