A cure for schizophrenia?

come on now!
Where is the cure for schizophrenia?
Tell me @far_cry0 what is going on with a cure?
How about advances in brain research?
Like understanding how the brain works?
Understanding schizophrenia mechanism of disease?
Come on now!

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Thanks erez…every thing in this world needs time…like cooking a rice .preparing birthday cake…i am being serious by your question …we have to wait big deal of time for cure…i am crying man…


I am bumping up this thread, we should be laser focused on a cure.


Let’s talk about what a cure would be and mean :smile:

Let’s talk @moonwalker.
Offer your thoughts.
For me a cure will bring the patients to 100 percent, get absolutely rid of all symptoms,
no side effects, and get rid of all symptoms.

Dude, lets talk about a cure. Ha, whats the point unless your knowledgable in medical science and have access to funding and a medical laboratory

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Sodium benzoate is “supposedly” meant to cure schizophrenia if their theory is correct, but that’s going on a quote from online. Otherwise I highly doubt a cure will come anytime soon.

Fingers crossed though…(?)

I think that quote is either a marketing ploy known as puffery, or a problem of translation.

There are people on here taking sodium benzoate now, and while I think it has helped some, it’s not a cure.

If I remember correctly even in the trials it was maybe a 20% improvement. Which is not bad for a med that has very little in the way of side effects and can be taken with other meds… but it’s not a cure.

I don’t mean generic things… instead what a cure would mean to you. For example, for me it would mean losing connection to all my voices which I have mixed feelings about.

How do I know?
I had certain deficits already in the prodromal phase…

I don’t know what I look like when I am 100 percent healthy.

Well before we talk about a cure I think we should identify a reasonable expectation of what that would even mean in practical symptomatic and emotional terms , as best we can of course. Otherwise what are we really talking about?

A cure is something that completely cures your schizophrenia.
lots and probably most schizophrenics have clear deficits already from a very young age,
it is called prodromal schizophrenia, and I am 100 hundred percent sure that I had some deficits as well.
Now, it is very difficult to gauge the exact extent of these deficits,
it may vary to a great degree between individuals.
You can get an idea about the degree of the deficits from reading the literature,
but it still doesn’t give you the full picture.

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What’s the difference between depression and your symptoms?

Physicians that I saw said I had schizophrenia, several physicians.

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What is schizophrenia?
If there was a pill that made positive, negative and cognitive symptoms go away, would a person be cured of schizophrenia?

If schizophrenia was very well controlled, it would be very good.
If a pill gives you 100 percent or close to it relief from all symptoms,
plus it is free of side effects,
that would be awesome but we are very far from it,
we don’t even understand fully how the brain works, or the mechanism of the disease.

I am almost free of all symptoms. Bothersome symptoms anyway. So, I am happy. I have minimal side effects. Maybe a little bit of akithesia and a lot of dry mouth is all. A cure would be great for an awful lot of people.

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Can’t predict. These things take loads of money, research and time to impact. For now treatment is palliative. Keep an eye on the research journals for this disease.

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True. Sodium benzoate most likely does nothing to cure schizophrenia. But the theory behind it was plausible. I wish they would focus more on a cure through pharmaceutical science. Like a newer medication. I know their trying but I think they can try harder.

Yes, you’re right, there is not enough research specifically on sz. There are many med candidates, but development often stalls out even without a clear result.

I read somewhere that the global sz drug market was around $7 billion annually, and it costs 1.5 billion to bring a drug to market. Since there are dozens of drugs for sz, unless a new drug was so much better that it took over a good chunk of the market, it would be many years before the company’s investment was recouped, and of course if it failed, they would lose the investment entirely. No wonder there aren’t too many really novel drugs in the pipeline.

I think ideally, some sort of public/private partnership to help offset the financial risks of drug development, but keep drug costs reasonable, would help. Something like government investment in a promising treatment in exchange for special pricing if it worked.

Even without that though, I still think we are headed for better drugs because the increasing power of computing will lead to better modeling. I don’t know any computational chemists but that is the future of drugs and materials development.