Cure for schizophrenia might be on its way. Read this article


In 2003 they said cure for schizophrenia will be possible in 10 years but its been longer than that so I’m hoping in few more years a better treatment or cure will be found.

I hope, very much hope that it is true.
I dream of a cure day and night.

Everybody knows about the synaptic pruning theory, however thats all it is a theory. And an old one at that, they came out with this back in like 2015 or something. The treatment they suggested only works on immature rats, meaning those of us who have reached adulthood will probably not benefit as the damage has already been done.

@eduvigis your comment is downright silly.
If the theory emerged in 2015, it is very recent and groundbreaking.
What, you only call yesterday recent?
The theory is just taking the first steps, if it is true it would be awesome for us,
It would mean that the mechanism of the disease is understood.

Seriously, if you look around online you will find articles on the synaptic pruning hypothesis from before 2011, it has been known for a long time. They just keep re-publishing it in magazines so it seems like progress is being made, since no one really cares enough to keep up with sz everyone reads it like it is new info.


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@eduvigis what do we have to lose?
In the bad case, we will be invalids. We already know how it feels .
It probably won’t get worse.
Ok. It is unpleasant but what can we do?
In the good case we will be supermen.
So the way I see it, we hope for the best, and are prepared( and indeed experiencing) the worst.

I take a kind of twisted pleasure in knowing that there is no hope. Maybe that is just my insanity speaking.


Me too. I feel the same way.


So the accelerated synaptic pruning is probably why schizophrenics are on average more creative than most people.

I don’t think cutting down extra connections is a good thing. Have you ever seen a really bad disorganized type, where the thought process is completely derailed. They may be crazy creative but they certainly can’t work.

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@catsrcool schizophrenia damages the brain badly. Perhaps the only explanation is that people who are more
creative in healthy mode more often have schizophrenia.

I think part of the degeneration of functioning comes from habits though. Like if you keep smoking and doing drugs or even just easting poorly after you get sick you are probably going to get worse.

good habits are good overall, for schizophrenics as well as for healthy people.
However, I don’t think that they address the core issues of the disease, be it synaptic pruning or something else.


Have we talked about this?


That is true. We still don’t fully understand the illness so we can’t say.

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Doctors don’t even know what Schizophrenia is.
I mean honestly anyone, even a “normal” can walk into a psychiatrists office and walk out 40 minutes later with a schizophrenia diagnosis and get placed on powerful Antipsychotics for the rest of their life.

A cure at this point is pure Fantasy.
There is no incentive or profit for these Pharmaceutical Companies to find a cure.


@Andrey how do think of this man m😇

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A cure is like building a house. It always takes longer than anticipated, and there are expected and unexpected delays.

In the 1950s we started with the blueprints. In the 1990s the foundations were laid. Now we’ve got the studs going up, it’s starting to take shape. But the drywall hasn’t come yet, and the electricians and plumbers haven’t been hired. The fixtures are on backorder and there’s no roof. So right now, we’re living in a tent and we’re annoyed at the builders.

Each piece of knowledge builds upon the next. It doesn’t even have to be directly about sz. Pretty much any kind of research increasing our knowledge of the brain helps. Then there’s the progress in how treatments are applied, the scientists doing neuronal transplantation on pigs without opening the skull by inserting a catheter in the leg and guiding it into place with MRI.

I don’t think the cure will come from pharmaceutical companies alone either, but simply because it’s too big a job for them alone. It will have to come from partnerships with government, academia, and private sector.


That’s a good analogy @twinklestars

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