Scientists Working on a Cure?


Has anyone heard of scientists working on a cure for schizophrenia? Any rumblings? Anything?


Cure to what ? I’ve always been like this


Still elusive, but…they are controlling the disorder far better. There has been some really interesting work linking the MTHFR C677T polymorphism to outbreaks of SZ. Perhaps that is an important clue? New drugs are on the horizon, and immune system treatments affecting B cells are an exciting new approach. Stay tuned, progress is rapid.


I think its spiritual isn’t it? how can you heal your spirit? or your soul? thought processes are not just chemicals, its very complicated and i’m not going to put down my whole illness to a few misplaced dopamine molecules.


I agree strongly its spiritual. My so-called illness has always been spiritual to me.


check out the post a few before yours called “Treating genetic disease: Is a cure a cut away?” Innovative Genomics Institute is working on one. its in earlie stages so we have to time to wait to see if its successful. and @asgoodasitgets @bobbilly there is nothing spiritual there is only the physical schizophrenia is a physical illness of the brain, miss wiring ect. there is nothing spooky about it.


Do you think they can cure somebody with 10 years worth of SZ/SZA and the damage that does to the brain - withy the antipsychotics? Do you think they might finally find a cure for early stages Sz but unable to cure chronic sufferers?


I think they will find a cure within the next 10-15 years crispr is advancing fast and is only in its baby stages, Its going to change everything that mixed with AI and the reverse engineering of the brain will tell us exactly whats wrong so scientists will be able to know what to target and they will be successful. I have emailed the top scientists over the years asking them what they think about a cure and new treatments are they are all very optimistic. So to answer yes i think there will be help for the damage that antipsychotics do and a cure.


I dont think its possible, all these scientists are doing is promising us with false hope, all we can do is manage the symptoms, hopefully they can reduce side effects but no way they can cure it imo,

The brain is too complicated and if you start messing about with that then thats opening a big ole can of worms,
all we can do is try and find a good med and build up our coping techniques and strategies.

how can you cure thoughts? you’d have to stop someone from thinking something but how do you do that? its impossible, sorry but thats what i think.


Our thoughts are the wiring in our brain nothing else. Changing the wiring changes the thoughts. In the short term there will be new drugs that will be very helpful like Karxt and BIIB104 both in phase 2 and if successful with bring help for negative and cognitive symptoms.


if there is wiring in the brain what happens to the electrical impulses that travel along them? these are the thoughts or the spiritual side of things, nothing spooky about that at all.

new drugs for negative and cognitive symptoms sounds good though, still just managing symptoms though not treating the actual cause.


Thats the big question that scientists are working on, such as do we need to inhibit AMPA receptor or agonise the receptor to help with cognitive symptoms ect, or with depression there working on the NMDA receptor there trrying to work out all the pathways the the chemicals and electrial signals take. It will take time by that we have allot of.


Just wondering what symptoms do you still suffer with while on medicine?


i’m pretty good, not really anything tbh, i get tired and i feel a bit hazy most of the time but i can put up with that,

Opus, you sound like you are really knowledgeable about all of this stuff but i think we think differently, you are thinking in mechanical terms where as i am thinking about the source, you cannot interfere with the source without stopping it completely, the meds slow it down which is good (and bad sometimes) but what you are saying is like some sort of restructuring the brain?

i mean how can you restructure someones brain, all of the pathways that have developed naturally and divert them elsewhere? what instrument can do this? it sounds impossible


Changing your genes can change the structure of the brain as proven not long ago in autistic mice, they got rid of 70% of the symptoms of the disease by using crispr.

Here check this out @asgoodasitgets


it sounds interesting but quite unbelievable and messing with mice is one thing but experimenting on humans is another, no way they would let someone experiment on a human like that, its unethical,

I cant read that just now its too long and hard to read.

I wish it were true but you cant just click your fingers and your cured, you can never cure it in my opinion bc our thoughts are in our heads and you cant take our thoughts out of our heads,

The only way i can see a cure is by doing what i am doing and get on a good med and work on it little by little, its taking a long time but i am seeing positive effects all the time.


Thats cool the article isnt about the autism is about the how crispr can reset your brains on capacity to start the process of neuroplasticity.

Thats where where we think different im a physicalist and dont believe in anything that isnt physical, to me thoughts are just your brain. No soul no qaulia ect.


how would you explain the imagination and dreams then? where do thoughts come from? can you explain how a thought works?

@bobbilly what do you think?
@OTRA do you think doctors are giving us false hope?
@InnerCircle are you a physicalist? like how Opus described?


No one in the world can answer that question, however i do think our common understanding of thoughts dreams ect, are wrong and that we will discover more. For instance we can now record what people are thinking in MRI scans.

Are you from America btw?


I know what you mean but if they can record a dream them i would like to be the first to see that, i know they can record various things but its impossible, will never happen.

I think dreams have a purpose and so does imagination, most sz people have blunted imaginations including myself in a lot of respects,

I have found dream interpretation to be of good use and also fun but cant rely on dreaming though as it is sporadic, also a dream can point to a problem but not sure about healing (maybe it makes us mentally stronger) but its a grey area, just talking from experience.

dreams are spiritual as are imagination and thoughts, moods, feelings and emotions imo.