What is this?

In addition to anxiety, my biggest problem/symptom has been delusions, so to speak, paranoid. mm. parents want to kill, Illuminati and Freemasons want to kill all ordinary people, I am drugged with some substances etc. first such thoughts started at the age of 11 years. As a 12-year-old, I had a period when I felt better than others and I was arrogant. I usually feel worse than the others so this was different. Sometimes I felt like a so-called in the cloud even though I have never used anything. My mother has often suspected me of depression and once a psychiatrist thought I had some manic-like symptoms. I have also been said to be psychotic and delusional by psychiatrists. I’ve always been easily annoyed and changed schools because of one event. School grades then improved until it fell slightly again in 9 years. I was afraid of e.g. heart attack, etc. (hypochondria, etc.) due to panic symptoms. I couldn’t go to school at all because of my imagination and so 9lk was failed. The anxiety grew into not being able to sleep at home because of my fears and having to go to the ward.

Your dr says it’s sz. So yes you have autism, and possibly depression etc, but you definitely have sz. I say this because an extremely trained physician said so. Trust your pdoc.


does that sound like depression?

I don’t know honestly. I think it’s sz like your dr says

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I can’t read your massive block of text with no breaks.

But based on everything else I have read from you, you are definitely schizophrenic. Just accept it and stop trying to get rid of the diagnosis.


its not rly massive but i understand

some say it sounds like dissociation?

Stop trying to diagnose yourself. You are not competent and neither are we. Your dr is competent so stick with what they tell you

why do you think that? I know myself best

Lack of insight is a huge part of sz

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i know i have sz but what other symptoms are those?

Ask your caregiver or pdoc. I’m done with the repetition now.

i just wish someone could help me :confused: the meds barely work

Tell your pdoc they don’t work so you can keep getting adjustments until they do work

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ive been thinking that the meds arent right for me

Tell your pdoc you don’t think they’re right for you. But again, your dr knows better than you so you have to trust them

I have told them but they just keep increasing the dose

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Then you must need an increase in your dosage. Just keep taking it.

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As long as you have paranoid ideation, keep taking your meds as prescribed and keep telling your doctor about these thoughts you’re having. We can’t diagnose you here, and you can’t diagnose yourself based on what you read on the internet. Mental illnesses are tricky, and only a well-trained psychiatrist can truly help you, but you need to cooperate with them.


yeah im taking my meds and tell them about the thoughts…

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