Am I delusional or just obsessed?

^^m title says it all

How are we supposed to know?

idk but i need advice

Maybe you should tell them your circumstances and what your fears are so they know what you are talking about. Not everyone reads your help thread.

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They’re not mutually exclusive, but only a Dr can tell you.

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I am 16 years old I have diagnosed (related) an unspecified anxiety disorder and my psychiatrist suspects paranoid schizophrenia.

I am currently in involuntary treatment in the psychiatric ward due to anxiety and that possible schizophrenia.

Since 11 years old I have had thoughts that my parents were going to / would like to kill me.

Recently (since the summer) I have had thoughts that Freemasons and the Illuminati rule the world and want to kill us ordinary people. I also think it means something special that an Illuminati member and I have the same birthday and that the symbol of the University of Helsinki related to Freemasonry etc. and my thoughts of studying there sometime in the future would be related in the way that I am supposed to become a member of Illuminati.

My other thoughts are that I get cyanide / poison gas / carbon monoxide poisoning and once even my parents intentionally killing me for carbon monoxide poisoning. Anxiety about this has often grown so great that I have not been able to sleep or be at home.

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Just going to reiterate that only a Dr can make medical diagnoses

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Ye i know but i want to know if the dr is right

A group of strangers on the internet can’t verify that either. If you’re not convinced get a second opinion

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I got a second opinion but they thought the same thing

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Well then there’s your answer…

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I think you’re obsessed about being delusional.


Yay so I’m not delusional?

IDK, it’s been a long night.

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Bruh that didn’t answer anything

OK. I think you have delusions. You must know that, you just listed some of them.

Yes I know that but does that make me delusional

Semantics. If you are having delusions, you could say you’re delusional. There’s something called “delusional disorder” characterized mainly by delusions. But delusions and being delusional are symptoms of schizophrenia. You can be delusional and still be somewhat rational. I was delusional when I first got diagnosed at age 19 but if you talked to me, you would never know it. I had many delusions but I knew what was going on and I sounded perfectly rational–until I told people what I was really thinking.


Tbh it’s just frustrating when people come on this forum and ask for a diagnosis-and yes I consider this asking for a diagnosis. Believe your drs.

Its not asking for diagnosis