What is the meaning of sex?

what is the meaning of sex?

Your avatar shows you with your son! We should be asking you!

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did i make love or sex when he was concived

Uh dude there are three types of intercourse.

Making love

One of the three happens.

That’s what I asked myself during my labour while waiting to die.
And, also, why!?

but you didnt die,i didnt die either

its a three letter word :confused:

I don’t like that word much. It’s too subliminal. All I will say is that it helps forge stronger ties & deepens the chords of love & intimacy between two lovers.

It’s primarily about pleasure, but it does serve an intellectual purpose too.

(chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse.
"he enjoyed talking about sex"
synonyms: sexual intercourse, intercourse, lovemaking, making love, sex act, (sexual) relations; More
either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.
"adults of both sexes"
synonyms: gender
"adults of both sexes"
determine the sex of.
"sexing chickens"
present something in a more interesting or lively way.
“the department set up a task force to help sex up the concept of conserving water”

To put it bluntly

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Who told you that gibberish!

That’s actually what the back of the hand is for!

lol just kidding. Please no one take offense.

Only you would know the answer.

Vote for Pedro!

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Not if someone falls asleep half way through :confused:

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Drayton: [to Leatherface] “You have one choice, boy: sex or the saw. Sex is, well… nobody knows. But the saw… the saw is family.” ~ Texas Chainsaw Massacre II (1986)

Hey, you asked.


Of all of the times I have done the act, no one fell asleep halfway through. That’s because I literally asked everyone “do you want to have sex?” To avoid the whole rape thing.

And neurological arousal goes sky high when sexually excited, the sympathetic nervous system is at a peak. Upon the moment or orgasm, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks like a mule.

That means you fall asleep right when you finish. But men pee right when they finish, it’s a fixed action pattern to flush foreign bacteria from the urethra.

Sex Ed 2.0 for advanced adults.

And men look for indicators of youth, health and fertility as well as sexual arousal. The one unconscious thing that gets men is dilated pupils. It triggers men to look a female they find attractive in the eye and see dilated eyes. They aren’t even aware of how it controls them. Women in the 20’s would take a drug I think it was called belladonna to make their eyes dilate to attract men. You know, back when attracting men was what women were supposed to do with their lives.

Blah blah blah I know details about things and then do them anyways because I’m not immune. I’m a physically fit (actually like robust) 22 year old male I can’t help some things.

Well this is odd and off topic.

And to answer this topics original question, the meaning of sex is reproduction in the end. It’s used for different purposes of course. I can say with confidence that the vast majority of sex is not done with conscious effort to make babies.

Sex can range in meaning from salvaging a marriage to ruining a marriage. That’s an interesting factoid.

But we do that crap with it, it’s supposed to be for reproduction. Not everything goes the way it should, and sex is an incredibly powerful force of nature.

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I’m pretty sure it occurs. I went to a “passion party” (it’s like a Tupperware party. A bunch of women get together and one of them sells everyone else stuff. Passion parties = sex toys though, not plastic containers that never have lids that fit). Anyways some of the stuff they came up with to try to make it work for women was astounding.

There was one thing, it looked like a mini tampon that vibrated so hard it bounced up and down. Apparently that was a selling point somehow. :mask:

But yeah, the half that didn’t try to make it more exciting for women were more labor saving like some sort of gel version of a flesh light she tried to sell if you were tired that day.

What the actual ■■■■

To which part?


I’m le tired. Let me take a nap and then FIRE DA MISSILES

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