Sex without love is a meaningless experience

But as far as meaningless experiences go, it’s a pretty good one.


I have only ever had meaningless sex then. I have never had love before in that way.

Not exactly “meaningless” unless you consider very expensive, potentially fatal stds meaningless. Here in the middle of nowhere there is little opportunity for sex or love.
And at my age and with my health problems, i sure don’t want kids, so it definitely ain’t worth the risk.

‘Magic’ Earvin Johnson or Carlos ‘tiger blood’ Estevez could tell you what a meaningless experience it was for them.

I didn’t know what I was doing, which is in the category of meaningless.

Sex without love is basically just a quest for an orgasm, without the intimacy.
Sex with love is intimacy with a side quest for orgasms.

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It’s better to have love and lust than never have lust at all.

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I’ve never had either, but maybe one day………………:grinning:

Seriously, I’d take either.

I pop my own cork most days. I’ve given up questioning the existential meaning of rolling in the hay and now I just say to myself ‘hey, why question the pop?’.

Questioning s e x is like questioning the afterlife. You’ll just go around in circles.


I’m sure there are some aromantics out there who still have a sex drive.

Agreed, but with love ur self esteem is more rewarded.
If u had just casual sex with someone they might only like u for ur looks.
If u had love than u know that besides your looks, they like who you are as well :wink:

I can say the best sex i’ve had is love-sex. And I’ve had a lot of sex.

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