Human sexuality

Human sexuality is the way people experience and express themselves sexually. This involves biological, erotic, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual feelings and behaviors. Because it is a broad term, which has varied with historical contexts over time, it lacks a precise definition.

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In a very basic sense it just means procreation proceeds to conception.

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Me balls died from no sex

ah well i might surfive

I believe SZ and sexuality are tied together in some form or another.

Yeah, for many sz’s it means they ain’t getting none :stuck_out_tongue:.


These days I feel I’m asexual. I’m still attracted to women but I don’t really seek out sex actively. Opportunities have presented themselves and I shot them down. Dunno why.


Gender is very interesting to me. There’s a gender where u apparently link with someone’s vibe/aura

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i have a very happy sexlife at the moment.

my boyfriend is a great lover and i really enjoy sex with him.

we have sex usually 1 or 2 times a week.
we have vanilla sex.

the person i love most i did not have the best sex with but god was /is the love there.
for some reason we were uncomfortable and awkward and our chemistry was a touch off.
he said my vagina is too big and too wet.
i would have lived without sex because i love him so much i rather be with him.
miss him like crazy.him n girls n perfect home.
he is my x.

i have been raped and had some other horrible sexual experiences where i was so violated.

but i have also been a sl ut or easy sometimes cause drunk or didnt like it but let myself be taken to get it over n done with cause i couldnt say no.

why have you not met anyone you want to have sex with pedro that you can maybe have a relationship with?

you seem like you easily could have sex and relationship.

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Excuse me, feeling left out here.

im not interested in sex really, if i get an urge i just tug one out at super speeds so i can get back to what i was doing without having my thoughts warped by hormones. maybe things will change one day but im not really normal with social things after isolating from age 15-21 and still going, i would like a gf and if i had one and we mutually agreed to have sex id probably do it alot but i rarely even go outside and dont work so the chances of that are slim

The United States is in for some very tough times for sex because it appears abortion is going to be made illegal. I think sexual behavior will change, or else people will be very upset. We probably can’t talk any further on the topic because we will get censored.

I’m lucky I found my husband, a lot of people don’t seem to have a lot of time for the mentally ill and it makes it worse when you are open and straight forward about it. My husband was and still is fine with my mental illness and understands that is just a part of me I can’t control. Around here in the bible belt people don’t like to talk about mental illness and like to just sweep it under the rug

I don’t have much sex but I’ve never been raped.

I think most people view sex faaar too casually.

I’m so desperate to get laid I’ll satisfy just about any woman’s bizarre fetish they might have of me.

You wanna hook a car battery up to my nipples?

Come on baby let’s do this!




haha, I was going to post a picture of a bizarre fetish in response to your post but the images that came up on google search were not appropriate for the forum. Some crazy stuff out there. I must now wash out my eyes.

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Haha! Yeah my friend, the word “fetish” when used in conjunction with Google can be dangerous territory.

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lol, what in the world were you thinking. This is proof of your innocence.

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Not anymore leafy, not anymore . :scream: :rofl:


lol, you’re ruined

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That is very lucky. Congrats!

I’ve rarely met any norm men who are okay with me being schizophrenic, and if they are, I still need to get approved by their nasty relatives. I’ve dated schizophrenic men, but almost all of them had addictions to smoking (I’m allergic to this one), heavy drinking and street drugs.