What is the meaning of sex?

Only humans can have sex in order to get pregnant. Animals have sex for pleasure. So saying the meaning of sex is reproduction is seeing this from a very narrow evolutionary perspective. Behaviorally speaking, reproduction is only the meaning of sex for educated humans who are trying to get pregnant.

■■■■ ■■■■ who the ■■■■ is shooting us!!!

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Other way around :laughing:

Dolphins are the only animal they’re sure have sex for pleasure…the other ones have sex strictly out of instinct. There’s other animals suspected to have sex for pleasure too though

Animals don’t have knowledge of procreation. Of course they have sex for pleasure. They get pleasure from following their instincts and having sex. If they didn’t get pleasure from following their instincts they would slowly stop following them. It’s basic behavioral psychology. And they have no idea it leads to pregnancy.

Well… sex is actually painful for a lot of critters… cat’s for one thing… the male part is barbed and hooks itself in…

but uhh as far as sensory… liek the human pleasure is about nerve-endings in the skin that give us a heightened sense of feeling and regarding where those nerves lead a sense of pleasure via dopamine and oxytocin release… i mean these evolutionary systems did start developing somewhere along the line… but I think for more animals it’s about the hormonal effects that their bodies crave rather than the activity itself… but it varies from species to species…

I’m inclined to trust science and take to the perspective we are all machines and this current state of things is just what has evolved to best survive so far… their really aren’t any rules in that… it’s just kind of luck.

Instinct driven animals are a bit closer to the programmed machine side of the spectrum of complexity, while humans with our abstractions of reality might need extra motivation to waste energy, risk getting that close to something potentially conniving, even getting ourselves into a situation where we must provide…

However that same pleasure makes humans do some very evil things… and sadly there being no “rules from above” so to speak… those evils act often assure more reproduction and the continuance of genetically originating abstracts with the slight predisposition or altered instinctual sense to either partake in those acts or not…

I don’t even fuggen know… real crazy though… microbes are asexual… that’s complex enough as it is… then they began sexually reproducing… and the genders developed? it’s fascinating ■■■■ that’s for sure.

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I’m oversimplifying things, sorry. More developed animals will need pleasure as a reward to keep wanting to have sex. All advanced behavior is in my opinion subject to learning effects, and therefore more developed animals will have evolved pleasure from sex as a behavioral reinforcement. Insects or simpler animals, and possibly a few others, would not necessarily benefit from that kind of reinforcement.

(It would be interesting to see some study on how many nerve endings some animals have in their sexual organs compared to other places…)

I have yet to see ANY animal “teach” their young in sex.

In the broad perspective we fell short.

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