What is the funniest thing that happened to you in real life

What is the funniest thing that happened to you in real life. Including your delusions.

one time i was working in a warehouse and i had to go to the bathroom. i went and when i came out, i was oblivious that some toilet paper was hung up on my pants. some guy yelled at me, and said hey you got tp on your pants haha. it was my first day too, so embarrassing but kinda funny.


I already said at another thread(I believe it is on the funny thoughts thread) a couple of the funniest thing that have happened in real life.

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A guy in gym class dropped my pants so I ran after him and did the same to him lol


It was infront of all the class haha The teacher punished us.

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When i was working at five guys, every day was a blessing and full of laughter

Me and my friend used to take LSD and laugh at everything for 8 hours straight.

back when I was 18 they dared me slide down a dam, So i did and it shredded my bathing suit lol, had to canoe back home in the buff


Funny thing happened last night actually my cat stole my moms retainer a few days ago and last night returned it by putting it on her purse

I’d say taking pot at a work party. I lost my marbles for about twenty minutes. Thank goodness it was a goodbye party (we were all laid off), I would’ve been too embarrassed to show up to work again.

Many, many years ago, I was fooling around with a hooker who was also my friend and we needed more money. So we went looking for an ATM and finally found one a little ways away.

I got out of my car and was walking towards the ATM when I heard her shriek, “Oh my god, you’re dick’s hanging out.” I looked down to check it out and damned if she wasn’t right!

I wasn’t wearing any underwear and I didn’t zip up good enough and so I was walking around in broad daylight, flopping around with people just a little ways away. I thought it was hilarious but I stopped and tucked it back in and zipped up. Went to the ATM without skipping a beat, got some cash and we went on our merry way.

Another funny thing was that I wondered why a darn hooker would get so upset at the sight of some guys penis. I mean she’s seen a million of them.

In the early nineties I was working at HP as a recycler. I recycled mainly cardboard, crammed it into a huge compactor. Worked my ass off for three years.

It was a HUGE facility and our little crew was only three of us and our supervisor.

One day after I had been there a year or two a new worker started for HP, a really pretty blond woman about 26 years old. I saw her a couple times and she stopped to talk with me, we talked a little a couple times a week and it turns out she was having marital problems.

It was a little bit weird that she confided in me but nothing bizarre or anything. I learned early on she was a devout Christian. Very active with her church.

After about a month we were talking one day and she told me she was having a bunch of her friends over her house for a little prayer meeting the next night and she invited me over to join them. I asked if I could bring a friend from the board & care and she said sure.

So me and my friend took a bus to get to her house the next night. When we found the address, it was a huge, beautiful two story house and it was even nicer inside. We got introduced and incidentally her sister was even more beautiful than her.

All her friends were there and she led us out to a screened in back porch. About 7 of us sat in a circle and a prayers and nice words were exchanged among her friends.
My friend happen to be a funny guy. We always had a lot of laughs for the seven years I knew him. He didn’t take himself to seriously and was just plain funny. And then out of the blue the group started singing. Me and my friend didn’t know what to do. There was no way either of us were going to sing and we didn’t know any of the religious songs anyways.

But we were on the same wavelength and I looked at him and he looked at me, and we both were trying not to crack up. For one thing, even just being there in the first place was ludicrous. We were both paranoid schizophrenics and here we were in this posh, upscale million dollar home, while we were both living in the worst neighborhood in a board & care home. We were not religious at all, and were sitting with a group of beautiful, rich people. The situation was just hilarious and we were stifling our laughter.

And even funnier, all the people were treating us really seriously like stuff like this happens to them everyday. Then, the icing on the cake was when they started singing a Christian rock song and they were singing, “Our god is an awesome god.” (it’s actually quite a popular song). But this was 1991 and people were still using the word awesome. But we both found it funny and almost lost it laughing. We somehow made it through the meeting and then we left to catch a bus home. We were still laughing.

one time when I was in college I was late for a summer school english class and when I rode my bike hard for fifteen mins in the summer sun I was soak and wet on my face and arms…I went in the male bathroom and there wasn’t anything to wipe off with but newspaper…I went to class and the teacher said, “what is all over your face!!!” I just turned around and went back and washed it off…dumb…haha

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