What is the best med for you?

I’m on Abilify Maintena and it seems to not be working so the doctor is thinking of trying clozapine… sigh


I hope clozapine helps you more if you do make the switch.

Geodon seems to be my ideal AP… so far. I’ve been on it for five months now and it seems to help me a lot more than my previous AP, risperidone.


I’m on clozapine and Invega shot. Clozapine is a good drug as long as you don’t mind the blood work.

I’m scared of trying it though because of the side effects

For me Geodon, but it took a decade and some for me to get to it. I had been on pretty much everything to that point as I’m treatment resistant. Different meds work for different people and you and your doctor will have to sort this out. Expect that it could take the next ten years of your life to nail it down. Schizophrenia is a disease where you’re grateful for incremental progress because not everyone else is so lucky to experience that.


I guess you’re right.

Hopefully Clozapine will help you.

I hope so too…

Geodon. But it took me a long time to find the right dose and to take it as prescribed or twice a day. I was not med compliant for a long time. I was supposed to take it twice a day and I took it all at night. That was counterproductive.

But Geodon doesn’t come in long lasting injections. If your doctor wants you on injections it’s probably not an option for you.

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clozaril is an excellent drug. It will help you but be prepared for sedation. If you feel very sedated on it, ask your doctor about modafinil, but be prepared for possible psychosis (that will end shortly, maybe 6-10 hours later youd be okay again).

Clozaril did wonders for me. Invega is my #2 go to.

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Well clozapine doesn’t come in injections either and the doc was considering prescribing it

Interesting. Sounds like they are trusting you more then. I have never tried that med before. Good luck with it.

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I’m tolerating latuda well.

Ability but need a good dosage to work

This is exactly my thoughts on it.

I have changed meds 6 times, and been in hospital about 10 times

2 years ago I was put on Amisulpride as an alternative to Clozapine, as the side effects of weight gain seemed similar to Olanzapine, and I didn’t want to risk it

Adding to my weight is a deal breaker for me

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I like Clozapine but I don’t like all the blood work. :beetle::beetle::beetle:

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I tried Abilify too…didnt work. Zyprexa and seroquel were horrible. Now im kind of stuck with low dose Haldol. I dont like it, but it is bearable. Sort of.

Hope you find clozaril to work well for you. Good luck.

I think clozapine would be good for me, but they won’t let me try it. Taking abilify.

What dosage do you take?

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Haldol is not so bad medicine.its very reliable and safe .you should keep on with it.good luck.

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