What is the best med for you?

I’m on an injection of abilify. It’s working for me. But I’m not treatment resistant. I respond well to medications.

Previously I was on paliperidone injection and that also worked but had to switch cause of high prolactin.

In all my years of having sz I’d say the least effective medication for me was qutiapine.

It can have cardiac side effects, also in elders it is the most deadly antipsychotic.


I took 0.5mg for ages. Then 0.3mg. Then i got really anxious and depressed recently and upped the dose to 1mg for a few days. So it is variable. 0.5mg is probably best, as long as nothing weird happens. Though i wish i could stop. Im anxious about using meds.

@TheCleaner, i do think it is reliable…in the sense that even small doses quickly stop anxiety. I dont know about safety, it doesnt feel safe.


All medicine has some kind of risks but haldol has very safe than most of the aps at the market

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Yeah, i felt it was the least risky of the ones i tried. Though it is rather numbing. Only Abilify didnt have that effect on me though (and that made me more psychotic, not less, so that wasnt an option).

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Latuda works best for me, so far. But everyone is different, so what may work for someone, might be the worst AP ever for someone else.


I take Clopixol. It’s quite an old drug, dating I think from the 1970’s. It works well enough, I take 400mg per 4 weeks, which is a moderately low dose. I’m excited for the future, because I previously relapsed when having medications reduced, but it hasn’t happened this time. For some reason I respond to depot injections, much more than oral medication, which I often forgot to take or took at different times of the day. In regard to supplements I’ve discovered that folic acid has been useful in dealing with symptoms, I also take magnesium and Omega 3. I also take 500mg of Niacin each day, of course it doesn’t cure schizophrenia in itself, but last time I went off it I had a relapse and Niacin is good for moderating sex and stress hormones. 500mg each day is actually quite a low dose, I would rather take more, but my parents disagree. If it isn’t combined with a reduction in toxic habits etc. Then it won’t make much difference, but I’m very happy with the results from Niacin supplementation, I have been on it for 7 months and I’m now beginning to see progress.

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Try switching to amisulpride or risperidone as they help with your positive symptoms more than other aps before switching to clozapine if they don’t work

The best med is when they make one that you take once and that’s it.

Same here. Geodon seems to be the only AP that handles my symptoms without totally deadening my mind. It does weaken me a lot physically, though. At one time I weighed 175 and bench pressed 285. Now I can’t bench press nearly my own weight.

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Clozapine is a very strong ap with several serious side effects so it must only be taken as last resort. There are several other aps to try before trying clozapine. Geodon, risperidone and many others there.

Zyprexa 7.5mg daily. The akathisia I suffered so horribly with for over a year is gone without a trace, and symptoms are still managed effectively.

Clozapine and haloperidol

Clozaril for sure, it has worked so well for me, all the other aps didnt help me!

Yeah that’s why I was like wtf

Not sure if the first one u mentioned exists in my country but i’m gonna ask about other options