What is the best advice you have ever gotten on this site?

I asked the older wiser people on this site, what is the benefits for never giving up. A couple of people said the same thing. They said, you never know what can happen in the future. They said that something positive can happen and it can change your like very quickly in the future.


@everhopeful suggested trying d3 vitamin

Not only does it make me happier Moods but my skin shines


It certainly wasn’t trying any of those supplements. I had adverse or no effects with all of them.


This site helps me to maintain my English language abilities and I can socialize with people who have similar problems. @everhopeful has posted many good covid-19 postings.


I dont think i ever got much advice except to take meds that werent working.

I want to be shiny too lol


Improve my english, get news and pass time.

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Wjat others think of me is none of my business.

@Ninjastar, you got to push yourself

@anon39054230 don’t sweat the small stuff


Best advice I got was to take my meds as directed and talk honestly with my pdoc and therapist about everything.


Well, I got some good feedback on my neighbor situation. You guys were probably right but I don’t know if I can forgive and forget.

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That was for me as well. I forgot about that. think it was @SurprisedJ who told me I needed to take my Geodon twice a day. I wonder whatever happened to him. His symptoms were very similar to mine. I could relate to him.

That changed my life. I can handle the morning dose now. I used to take both doses all at night. That didn’t work so well. I did that for years and wondered why I got psychotic every day.


i was at the end of living…and im still here…

I Am Not Good at Getting, (And Sometimes Giving), Advice.

But, I Have Found a Sense of Friendship Here.

I Don’t Always Say How I Feel. But!, I Am Aware of The Names I See Frequently.

You People Matter.

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

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@ATARI has given good advice I remember, though I don’t remember at the same time what :sweat_smile:

It’s somewhere buried in my head, the advice

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Dear @anon90843118, There is The Earth, The Sky, I Sometimes Think of You, And Wonder Why… :pensive:

To keep trying with medications.

@ozymandias told me I was capable of doing more than I thought. He was right.


You helped me a lot to make the decision to leave my boyfriend who I did not want

Science backed alternative treatment supplements, and support for understanding side effect related problems from medication.

The medical teams I’ve worked with don’t go over the problems you might have, as much as they need to, so you’re left to suffer until you understand that something specific is going wrong, and then you’re left with trying to name it, and pondering if its psychiatric related or not.

Bugger that I say.

I think the best advice I have gotten has just been people pointing out when I am slipping and becoming delusional. It has snapped me back to reality many a time. This place really helps me.

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