What is sz? What are the voices?

I wonder what is sz and why is it happening. I don’t understand why all of these is happening to me. Is it my biological make up that makes me hear voices and lost track of the realities?

What are the voices? Are they products of my brain activity? Should they be considered part of myself? Or should they be considered being independent of myself? If they are part of myself, how are they related to myself?

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My personal view is that our imaginations are like reactors that power our minds. Except that a select few of us have cracks in our ‘reactor cores’ that allow these dreams to leak into our everyday reality where they don’t belong. The meds can’t fix the crack, but the stop the contamination from spreading too far.



Super complex in the brain…it’s still a mystery how do u know it…???

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…the sith lord who’s name has been banished from memory…was ripped into infinite pieces and cast in all directions…we just happen to unlock one of pieces of darkness and that’s how we ended up with sithaphrenia…that was a very long I don’t know…if it turns out it was a banished sith lord…I totally called it…lol


I don’t know what sz is and I’m not sure anyone does. I’ LL probably get some crap for sharing my opinion. I treat sz as it’s a demonic attack I think all the evil is coming straight from hell even the thoughts that are supposedly god I think are Satan. I only feel in 16 years of sz God only spoke to me once, he filled me with love and revealed the name and illness of another patient to me, of whom I prayed for because I felt led. I don’t think this is the norm I think it’s mostly always attacks or Satan coming to us trying to convince us he is God. So because I believe this I pray about most all of my delusions and paranoia and if I do so I usually come to a decision that it’s an attack and then it passes. So for me this has helped me through some pretty tough times when delusional. I’m sure it’s fullishness to lot’s of people but I’ve managed to get to the point I have 0 symptoms with meds and prayer. I also think who you are praying to may make a difference I pray through Jesus to the father because that’s my beliefs. Kinda curious if people of other faiths do the same, and feel the same?

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We do…life is like a long car ride and faith is the music you like to drive to…there are many types of music…though we express our faith differently and to diff deities the over all effect…when its healthy is the same…and aslong as your choices in these matters arnt violent…I find no problems with your god, gods, or lack of…

diseases and illnesses like schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and others are hard to explain why is happens to some people. the voices are created by our brains and i know they seem to real but they aren’t.

it took 4 therapist for me to finally get that part. they all tried to explain to me what i needed and that the voices were just something created by my sick brain.

People’s brain activity has been monitored while hearing voices and its shown that the part of the brain that recognizes audible voices actually lights up as though someone really is talking to them and they’re listening. Thus somehow the brain is being triggered by nonexistent stimuli…very similar to dreams…I guess you could look at it as your brain is dreaming while you’re awake.


It doesn’t surprise me that the brain lights up as you say, as we really do persive these things. But what makes me believe as I do. Is how destructive the thoughts are how it’s almost like someone it trying to destroy you. Also the religious type thinking that kind of comes with the illness. If what your saying is true I think it would be more in the lines of dream like delusions. My dreams are a very different tone than my delusions.

I believe a little differently than you but yet somewhat the same. I think any beleif in goodness can be positive. And I can appreciate anyone seeking goodness. However I believe that we can all be wrong at what we believe ( as far as the reality and the truthfulness of our beleif , meaning positive thoughts are always good) but we can’t all be correct, unfortunately. So I hope we all find the truth. Because I feel I need forgiveness and am unworthy to pursue God, I feel I need a mediator to make me acceptable to a Holly God. That’s why I follow Christ. Do you mind sharing your beleifs with me in a little more detail, only if you comfortable, I know for some people it’s hard to put it in words so it’s OK if you don’t want to.

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Complicated…I follow the viking stories…I meditate like a Buddhist…I’ve read too many holy books to count and have taken bits n pieces from each…


So do you have a negative force like a Satan type figure that you believe these negative delusions and voices come from?

Actually no…no supreme evil char whom I can place blame upon…

When you consider how messed up your stomach can get when you have a stomach flu with all the diarrhea and puking just picture what something affecting the brain can do to us.

Lol we don’t place blame on him eather but he is a deceiver and a temptour the father of lies. We are responsible for our own decisions ,if we weren’t we wouldn’t need forgiveness.

So the gift of free will is our greatest gift and worst curse…depending on how you use it…but we both know what happend to a good chunk of angels…beings not gifted with free will…their was an uprising and a demand for the gift…they must have had some level of free will or they wouldnt have ever been able to go against their master though right?..

I think free will is a great gift ,just goes to show us that God is not a puppet master. But the greatest gift is that God is loving and although he can’t accept anything sinful he did make a way for forgiveness. We do not pay for this gift and yes it is the greatest gift the gift of forgiveness in which God pays the price for us ,while we were still sinners. Angels have always had free will . Satan had the desire to rival God wanting to be a god of sorts. He had free will and the Angels that followed had free will. However I don’t believe they have the gift in Christ of forgiveness.

The cause of schizophrenia is unknown, but a large part of the scientific community believes schizophrenia is the result of an interaction between genes and aspects of the individual’s environment.

Since we’re espousing our own theory I’ll provide my own theory: Schizophrenia is not a brain-based disease, but a psychological coping mechanism, albeit a very risky and haphazard one, brought about by a view of the world that is simply no longer sustainable. This may explain why people with schizophrenia in developing countries, where antipsychotic medication is rarely prescribed, have much higher recovery rates than people with schizophrenia in the United States, where antipsychotics are heavily prescribed.

I reject the medical model of schizophrenia found throughout the West, but its triad of psychiatrist/pharmaceutical company/insurance company is so entrenched that I don’t see a paradigm shift anytime soon.

I take an antipsychotic medication, Seroquel, and I want to be clear that this is simply my own theory of schizophrenia, and I’m by no means advocating that anyone with schizophrenia stop taking their antipsychotic medication on their own accord.

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As far as free will being a curse,. Not sure I agree . We all have fallen short of God’s will so we all are equally fallen to some extent. Yes there are different rewards in heaven and levels of torment in hell. We have really all fallen me,you, the Pope, mother Teresa, Hitler. We all need the same gift of forgiveness and it’s our free will that accepts it. So to me free will is really the only thing of importants we have. So I feel it’s a gift. Those people that have no desire to relate with a righteous God. I’m certain would not want to spend an eternity with him so free will is a gift I think.

I wonder how good that info is about 3rd world recovery is, I wouldn’t think that there records aren’t that good. But if I had nothing to loose I would like to try recovery without meds. We all no matter how sick we are have something to loose. We see how the unmedicated end up alone,homeless, in jail or dead. So I’ve never heard of a sz homeless person suddenly getting over his sz even though he’s getting no APS just like overseas. Like they claim these 3rd world sz do. So I really wonder how accurate the statistics are. I emagine it would be better to recover in a country without all the electronics , fast paced caose, stigma, and where family support is more available ( meaning family’s that tend to need each other and have no were else to go , probably support each other better.). I would never give up my meds we are far better off than our predisesors that had no APS.

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