What is magic anyway? Do you believe in it?

I know not much about demons. Something for me to ponder on.

I really haven’t given much thought into evil entities. And if they exist.

For now, I don’t think so,

But thanks for reminding me

I’m worried this is going to trigger people

So just wanna be clear all I know for sure is chronic excessive stress was seemingly the bad thing for my psychosis


Sounds like the law of attraction.

I do like to believe in that.

Although I’m not sure what I base that belief on.

Maybe it’s just a matter of increasing chances with one’s intention

Just as a member once said

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity


I am not so sure. I think some of it is escapism. Trying to make something concrete out of something abstract; like comparing astrology to meteorology. One person attributes a personal meaning to the stars, another predicts the weather patterns and has actual data from repeated observance. Science makes more sense, but the both can co-exist, science is verifiable. Magic is moreso a personal belief system.

I have tried a money spell before. I realized that money wasn’t really what I wanted. And by putting all this extra energy into the external it distracted me from who I really am, I think Buddhism maybe that is a reaction to ancient Eastern Mysticism. A lot of ancient magic and mysticism is still pretty much a mystery. Buddhists have the whole non-attachment philosophy and so do the Taoists.

I also think a lot of what we do is just connected to each other through information…its better to look at the world and mind as a grand mystery than to assume to know all of its secrets. I think I prefer it to be a secret, or something that is more beautiful than I thought…I get existential a lot…

I think first to be able to believe in magic you would have to define it for yourself personally…for me I define it as something that is a mystery to most people…


I think life itself is magic. What are the odds of us even being here in the first place?


I believe in magic. When I was young I looked up being a wiccan. Wasn’t for me but what I found was that if I thought something intently enough it seemed to come true. Maybe subconsciously I was doing things that ended in my favor? Or just dreaming a future made me step in reality towards it. I found I didnt like the work that goes into those types of practices so I gave it up around 14.

During my first break though I made links in my brain like if I move this…this happens. I began to see the world in a abstract way and with accoications. I practiced a made up? Magic that I thought was the only way I could keep myself and family/friends safe. I do believe in the other reality I heard/saw/experienced and do believe my magic helped to correct or remedy the situations I saw there.

Is it real? Well if all that isn’t real I’m grateful. Hopefully all that I did was just a reaction to psychosis. All in my mind ect. But I always thought maybe these things are coming to me for a reason. If I ignore it what good am I? So I did my best to help and cure what i experienced.


The fact that these symptoms exist, at all, I mean.

Presumably, you have experienced them, in the past?

Most people don’t believe in the occult, but they haven’t experienced this nasty stuff (schizophrenia symptoms), either, generally.

I think Aktion Hess was because Hess was into the occult, and Hitler wondered if the occult was behind his mental health issues.

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Mild positive symptoms and pronounced negative symptoms in the present. I keep my level of medication low enough to avoid the worst side-effects and use therapy and CBT to deal with the breakthrough symptoms.

Lots of ‘sane’ people go for tarot card readings and believe in ghosts. My wife believes in ghosts. She doesn’t have my problems, however.

Godwin’s Law!

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I don’t believe in magic. It’s just a word people give for “things unknown”. “Magic” has been around since the beginning of mankind. Humans don’t understand everything about the universe, but that doesn’t mean magic exists.

I do like magical stories, like Harry Potter and Merlin, but that doesn’t mean I believe in magic. I just think it’s fun to use my imagination.


Does this mean I need to stop referring to my pacemaker as a horcrux? Darn it.



Hess was a schizophrenic. Hitler may have been, too. They both hung around occultists.

Very relevant to mention.

That’s a brilliant way of putting it. I actually copied that as a note to self

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Both were whack-a-doodle-do and extremely evil.

You are wack-a-doodle-do, too, I guess, since you have the same mental illness as them, and me.

Your black-and-white thinking is boring and common.

Is magic the same as miracles?

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Says the guy who won’t take meds and who keeps posting about occult thought insertion and control. You’re accidentally providing a great argument for why meds are necessary.

Please continue, this is enjoyable.

All of our science is built on stuff no one understands. It might be magic. I do think there is some mystical force that connects us all, and every thing living and inanimate thing. As if there was no space between us. It’s like the butterfly effect but with elements of space time curvature thrown into the mix. So if I think of you fondly, then your ears really can burn red. If I wish someone ill, then they can get ill. I think that’s how prayers work. They’re just magic spells, and it’s all just science we don’t understand yet.

I am not a guy. I am woman.

“Meds are necessary,” to shut me up, is what you are essentially saying. Nice.


Meds are helpful with impaired insight. If you think your boss is a thought inserter, you’re not exactly top-shelf there.