Magic and schizophrenia, is there a link?

Some say there is.

Some say there isn’t.

Some know there is.

Some know there is not


Impossible to know there is not.

They showed me.

They can do alot, visual hallucinations, delusion, tactile, nde.

When a guy at a bar shows you he can tap into your mind and make you visually hallucinate you know there is. They showed me. This was after seeing pan on the beach.

The dude just showed me, hey i can tap into your brain and make you see things, can’t get much more proof than that.

How do you even know the dude was real?


Gaslighting, now i get it. I don’t know why you’d do it, but i get it.

I’ve been working on this telekinesis thing, or trying. I’m good at it in my dreams. If consciousness precede matter then it should be possible, I have failed for hours. No consciousness is a product of properly arranged matter, not the other way around.

Yeah I might consider this trolling you.

I like you pans. Consider it probing. I want you to think.

Yeah, valhalla, it never ends.

Hey hey i hardly know you.

Don’t you want to buy me a drink first, can’t just go right into probing me.

How do you probe? Hard and fast, deep? These are things we must consider.


I’ll commit to leaving you alone buddy.

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Magic the illusion entertainment sleight of hand type exists. As for supernatural magic and schizophrenia having a link, I haven’t looked into it much as a statistic of people with schizophrenia who believe they can do magic. Logically speaking though, it would not be surprising if there was decent percentage of schizophrenics who believe they are somehow magical. My reasoning for that is this, sometimes as a sufferer I have subconsciously tried to convince myself that the strange delusions I was having were somehow possible. That somehow I was uniquely special, or I could do something that many others could not. My example is the common delusion of feeling people were able to read my mind. I feel that thinking one can do supernatural magic is akin to that feeling. It is a way to try to explain the distortion of reality we may struggle with at times. I have never seen anyone schizophrenic or not throw a fireball unfortunately so I have to say supernatural magic is probably a delusion. As far as the new age idea of magic. Usually it is a mental thing. I once read a very good fantasy book with an awesome story. It was called, “Wizard’s First Rule”. Here is the rule stated within the book,

“People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People’s heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.”

I find it applies not only to many of our delusions, but to many things in general. It’s pretty funny. I think this applies to supernatural magic. Do not mean to insult you, your intelligence, or come off as offensive.

Im not saying that im magical.

I am saying though that someone was ■■■■■■■ with me pretty bad, they ran me out of my home and while i was on the beach ■■■■■■■ pan showed up, it was torture the whole thing.

So when i ended up back in my home state and in a home for people like us we go to a bar and there was a dude there. I had nothing to drink, he ■■■■■■■ made me visually hallucinate and then yells at me he’s a witch.

Im saying my problem is “magical” and there is way more involved in it, magical only meaning the abilities of certain beings and the people that work with them.

■■■■■■■ seriously, i had spirits popping out all over the place, they can ■■■■ with people’s heads. Thats my problem, “schizophrenia”.

Okay, so there is no “magic” really, but that is what they used to call interdimensional abilities and advanced tech and what it could do.

So, my problem is magical, spiritual, interdimensional. Dealing with other beings and sometimes the people who work with them.

magic is the write word…its all illusion in our mind, according to our religious & educational background! Our mind become very sensitive during psychotic attack, I also felt in the same way…and I have even gone more then magical by connecting myself with God message.

Extra dimensions are hard to define even scientifically. That being said, I have had such thoughts before as well. The way I think about it, as people we are accustomed to experiencing existence as we know it from the five major senses, touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Well, there are certainly things we cannot see with the naked eye, an example being bacteria or some have suggested that we all see colors differently that white and gold/black and blue dress seems to show evidence of that not to mention the tetrachromacy in people despite it’s rarity (it is more common in animals). There are things we cannot quite touch in terms of grasping such as light (though in many cases heat may be felt). There things a dog can smell that a human can’t. Finally, enjoying the taste of any particular food may differ from person to person.

When I have pondered what another dimension may be I think to myself, we still do not know every color in the spectrum of light which we cannot exactly touch, there are particles that make up existence so ephemeral we cannot see them, instead scientists calculate collisions in order to see the minute differences in the patterns they occur to find what might “stretch” (for lack of a better words at the moment) gravity or existence for lack of a better term. I have always felt there was something in space. A simple way to explain my idea of this is that there are things we can only see with a microscope on earth. Space in all it’s vastness may have something akin to something “microscopic” particles. Also I think that the speed of light is not fastest thing in the universe. Read a very article about the universe expanding faster than the speed of light, however much of these things despite possibly holding some truth are theoretical and whatever truth they may hold is currently incomplete so to speak. (Very much enjoyed the theories of possible warp travel, though that suggests not necessarily moving faster than light but bending space to travel from one point to another. Like grabbing a rubber band, placing a dot somewhere on it, laying a ruler and slowly stretching it with the dot being near the lowest marker in measurement. The dot will move to a further marker. [Careful not to fling a rubber band at someone haha] That is the basic idea of warp travel in space. (Another good article to read should these things interest you is on what appears to be some form of light that escapes black holes possibly emanates from them over extremely long periods of time as far as the human life span. This “light” also appears to travel faster than light although it may have to do with how long it takes for light to travel to earth giving us the ability to see these happenings through the most advanced telescopes on our planet…

Whenever I had the space alien information transmission thoughts I get the feeling that there are other forms of existence and life our current state of humanity cannot yet fully comprehend such as other dimensions and extra-dimensional beings in terms of aliens. Even a form of time travel, something about moving incredibly fast in a spherical motion, bending gravity, like becoming a different form of matter closer to light than a solid. I don’t claim to know how that would work.

Whatever the case, try not to give it much thought pansdisease. I don’t think such beings would be so petty as to bother with the intentions of causing grief to a good person like yourself. Delusions can be funny things, we seemingly try to convince ourselves there may be some truth to them in whatever way possible. Cheers.

Magic is a thing for 14 year olds on the internet, and then the former me!

The idea of that time travel bit was that anything with than sphere would be moving so fast everything else would be slow. Also the sphere was gyrating like a series of separate circles moving in opposite though complimentary forms in order to maintain somehow intertwining and melding into a single thing by achieving a certain velocity. I got the feeling it was that way in order not to cause some sort of spatial rift (while maintaining whatever was inside from completely disappearing. Mostly felt like it’d cause things to reach some sort of ethereal (for lack of a better word) form like dissipating water becoming steam… Almost like an egg being crushed by the pressure of going deeper underwater (fish would likely eat it before that happened though hah, it might cause us to turn into lifeless blobs in our current physical form. We’d have learn more of how water becomes solid with temperature to avoid this.) Who knows maybe in 10,0000 years. I really like that futurama episode with the song, “In the year 2525”. Hard to explain hah. Just felt like adding that. Anyway, the illusion-type magic is fun to watch especially live.

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