Do you believe in magic?

Since the start of the illness I’ve wondered if “magical thinking” has any value which I kinda believe does. So do you believe in the same or would you say it’s all made up BS which was all caused by the illness? Just saying some coincidences are too good, but maybe that’s all

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I have never seen or experienced any magic.

No, I do not believe in magic.

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I do to an extent. I have always identified as pagan, well before the start of my sza.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this. It has a lot of potential to go sideways.


That’s a song. I have heard it before.

I guess it might depend on what your definition of magic is?
It sounds like you’re referring to synchronisities. Which actually do have a lot of credibility among some old school psychiatrists. Like Carl Jung for example.
But i highly recommend stearing clear of stuff like thay if your suspetible to mental health issues like schizophrenia. Playing with fire in my opinion.

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Catchy tune. Couldn’t find a video.



Haha, I like this song. I thought about that before I posted this

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I never really understood the concept but have read a bunch about this online, I’m just not the sharpest tool in the shed. I guess he was saying there can be meaning between coincidences. Not really sure

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I know this works, I’ve used it before, just doesn’t work as well as you’d wished it did, or if it does I won’t ever know how

I used to believe people were doing black magic on me to torture me.

I don’t have time to keep on eye on this, so it will need to close.