What is magic anyway? Do you believe in it?

What is magic anyway?



  1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

The supernatural encompasses supposed phenomena or entities that are not subject to the laws of nature.


Do you believe it exists?

I personally sometimes really feel like it would be so cool if it exists.

Maybe magic is just something that has not yet become a law of nature

I personally believe in magic


In my youth I was wiccan


Enough technology and we can do things past generations would call magic, enough time and what we think is impossible becomes common place.

We live in a golden age, magic is all around us. We can just explain it, it doesn’t confuse us or blow our minds.


I don’t believe in magic or anything supernatural. People can believe what they want but I find it all very silly.

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Exactly @Ooorgle .

I speak words and my lights turn on, off, or change color.

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I believe in magical thinking not magic

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It makes me think of the old prophets who had visions of future evens and the end of days. They could only rationalize what they claim to have seen in ways that were palatable and understandable to them.

Metal birds, metal bugs, celestial towers higher than they imagine possible, remedy’s and cures for devastating illness.

It all would be very confusing. Just as confusing as if we could peek into visions of our own future.

It makes me wonder about my own visions.


Magic is the thing between all things, it bends the composites of reality around twirls of mystery and manipulations of context. It can be a science, it can be a prayer, it can be nothing at all. In this essence I view the concept more real than anything else. It’s powers are as pretend as any other way of thinking or ideology. Everything is pretend,


I believe in magic too @LittleMissSlothy! Uh oh it’s magic! I am fascinated by magic. I am spooked by magic. I love songs about magic, but I don’t want to derail the thread to all the fabulous songs about magic. lol :laughing: There are a lot of great songs about magic though.

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Magic is when people don’t have to help you, but they do, and all they ask is that you pay it forward when/if you can.


You don’t wonder if the occult is behind schizophrenia?

I don’t think it is cool. I find it disturbing.

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“magic” does exist but i dont think its what most people think it is. A lot of time the people who involve themselves in it destroy themselves by establishing connections with demons who they are deluded into thinking they have power over, when in reality they are being made the play thing of demons. I think thats where the sterotype of the miserable, gloomy cackling miser of a witch comes from. Involving ones self in such things will only a harm a person mentally and spiritually, and potentially physically.

Magic can cure sz if it was real.

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I don’t believe in the occult.

Thought insertion (and withdrawal) doesn’t make you wonder, at all?

No. I take the medications, do my therapy, and my symptoms become manageable. Easy peasy.


When I was younger I spent many hours practicing routines had over $3,000 worth of magic tricks from California I had performed in places like Century 2 YMCA Towne East Mall Etc as a young magician I went by the name of kartini because I traveled some the object was to disillusion your host into thinking he was watching something fabulous or mysterious and hopes to raise a belief in them spiritually after many years of doing this I found myself misguided and that will be in the Black Arts after losing some friends I tried to commit suicide ended up in a unit at the age of 13 magic my friend is different to be Majestic in movement and quick in judgment thank you for your time

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The entire Universe strikes me as being quite Magical. So many things had to line up, in just the right amount in just the proper order, for us to even exist.

I have also had beautiful Spiritual experiences, which were quite Magical. Not what a magician might do at birthday parties. In this case, Magical simply means awe-inspiring or feeling a sense of Wonder and Humility

Magic in another sense is the power of intention. Whatever you put your energy in, grows stronger and exert either positive or negative influence


Yea I don’t know about magical thinking. I sometimes get tempted to believe in it but I’m not sure. I try not to place much importance on that idea since I get obsessive, looking for meaningful coincidences, which can be very tiring.

I just meant that I believe in heaven basically, I think that’s magic cos science doesn’t believe in that, I think.


Trigger warning

I think it’s predominantly chronic excessive stressors. Could be physical could be psychological could be both.

Having said that my dad does believe I have resentful spirits after me.

I mean now that I believe in afterlife, it does make me wonder if there is such thing.

I am not confirming anything though :sweat_smile:

Since I’m not an expert.

What I do KNOW is excessive stressors things have been happening when I had psychosis in my past