What is magic anyway? Do you believe in it?

I don’t believe in magic anymore.

Something is either a law of nature.

Or it isn’t a law of nature.

There’s no magical in between


Thing is I’m not gonna pretend anymore that I know what is ‘magic’ and what isn’t. It is up to the laws of nature, if there is such a thing.

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I think so. Yea… Dunno3x

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I didn’t say anything about my boss; I encountered another schizophrenic’s experience in a book. You’re not very good with reading comprehension, are you?

Depends on how well I am doing with my sz.

Before sz I thought of ‘magic’ as silly and of course it didn’t exist. I had no experience of it at all. After I developed sz but before medication, I changed that around, to the point of thinking that everything in the world was run from ‘magic’.

I never saw it as going against nature, more like a curtain had been drawn back and I could see the real running of the world.

After 12 years of medication, I’m still a believer about 15%.

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Better than you with reality.

I am sure that believing that is real important to your sense of yourself. You do that.

Do you work in the IT industry?

I think the IT industry places some schizophrenics in high positions, and coddles them, encouraging bad behavior.

Senior insurance broker.

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