What is Geodon like?

If you get another psychosis withing 6 months of the 1st one, your diagnosis changes from psychosis to schizophrenia. Also avoid drugs like weed, alcohol, etc, they worsen psychosis.

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It is different in every body. Here was my experience with it. My doctor switched me from risperidone to geodon after about a month on risperidone. I immediately felt very tired, but happier than I had in a long time. After maybe 8 weeks, the excessive tiredness went away, and I started doing TONS of chores, like way more than I ever had before. I remember one day sitting in the living room, and my flat affect just switched off, very abruptly, and I started having a ton of emotions again. That was maybe 4 months in.

After like 6 months on Geodon, I thought I was cured, so I stopped taking it and stopped going to therapy. Things went well for maybe 4 months after that, then I crashed HARD and landed back in the hospital. I promptly restarted geodon, but it didn’t work as well as the first time, so I had to up my dose until I was taking over triple my original dose, plus an additional medication. I was so tired all the time. After 6 months on the super high dose, I was able to come down to a lower dose and drop the second med, but I still take double what I used to take. It now works almost as well as it did the first time around, but I struggle to get chores done with the same enthusiasm and drive that I had when I was on the lower dose. I have been on Geodon about 7 years total, and I am committed to taking it for life.


One of the things I like most about Geodon is that I have chronic migraines. Prior to Geodon, I was getting three migraines a week, with at least one being so bad I threw up. Once I started Geodon, my migraines went away. My neurologist said it has been used off-label to treat migraines, and he was glad one medication could take care of both my problems.


I can’t remember if Geodon helped me. I do know that I thought my doctor wanted me to go off It cold turkey. When I did I had severe withdrawals. Like cold sweats

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Geodon has been a miracle drug for me.

It made me very tired in the beginning, I used to pass out. I suffered a lot with it but I have a lot of motivation, doing chores, working, exercising everything. It also makes me have a clear mind.

Good luck!

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Geodon felt like taking an aspirin for me no headache no side effects and I lost weight but also it didn’t work I relapsed

Anosognosia or lack of insight. It’s a serious problem with schizophrenia. Lack of acceptance or unable to see the problem due to brain damage or some crap. I had it or thought I had it for the first few years until I started getting convinving memories that I had it.

How is it related to this thread exactly

Geodon has been good for me. It handles my symptoms without dulling my mind. It does weaken me physically, but you can’t have everything. In case you don’t know, there are two classes of antipsychotics - typical and atypical. The typicals are much harsher than the atypicals, so I recommend that you try to stay on the atypicals. Geodon is an atypical antipsychotic.

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Yeah i know of that

And now they put me on Abilify at the psych ward again :-/ what to do

The dr wants me to take the injection form of it

Yeah, you are always going to wind up on an injection if you refuse oral meds. You are a minor, which means your parents can force you to take the meds. Abilify tends to be a very polarizing med. People either do great on it, or they get really bad impulsivity. As long as you don’t get the impulsivity side effect, it seems like a safe one with very few side effects.

Honestly, you are one of the lucky ones. Plenty of us had parents who refused to medicate us at your age, and it ended up causing us a lot of long term damage.

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Well I don’t feel lucky i feel sometimes that I don’t need meds you know

Also I didn’t refuse oral meds this time but the dr still wants me to take the shot… what to do? I want to quit meds after i get home

this is why you don’t get oral meds. If you would agree to take the pills, you would get pills. But you won’t, so now you get a shot. You are going to continue getting a shot.

But they can’t force me to take it, I’m not delusional

It’s not right you know

They are your parents. They have the legal right to force you to take medication until you turn 18, and when you are 18 they can start a legal process to declare you mentally incapable of consent which would make them able to force you to take meds as an adult, too. It would also mean you can’t vote or have a bank account in your own name. So please don’t go that route.

All of us here are telling you we take meds. We have good lives that we love. We aren’t being poisoned. Medication is scary, and it can be a long process finding the right one for you. But if you refuse to try any, then you will be limited to the injections, which tend to have more side effects than daily oral meds, and the side effects from them stick around much longer even after you switch. Plus, the newest meds with the lowest side effects (geodon, vraylar, lumateperone) don’t come in injectable form. So if you keep refusing meds, you will be stuck with older meds that are more likely to cause side effects.

My parents aren’t deciding it, the Docs are…

My parents have no say in this

Such system ”incapable of consent” as an adult doesn’t exist here unless you have dementia or an intellectual disability

Also I don’t need meds so why would I agree to take them? Please explain.

If your psychosis is bad enough, you can be declared incapable of consent, or mentally incompetent, or so on. Psychotic illness falls into the same category as intellectual disability, in that it is a disease that limits your ability to make choices. Your parents will keep bringing you back to the hospital if you keep refusing meds.

Everyone single doctor, your parents, and every member here agrees that you have psychosis. If anyone knows about psychosis, it is us schizophrenics. We recognize dangerous and unhealthy thought patterns very quickly, because we have gotten used to recognizing them in ourselves.

Ultimately, it does not matter if you agree to take the meds. When you are in the hospital, they will hold you down and inject them into you. If you refuse to go to the doctor to get your shot after being released, your parents will bring you back to the hospital to get held down and injected again. I know it feels like your freedom is being taken away. I know that is scary. But you no longer have a choice in whether to get meds or not. The only choice you have left is whether you will be restrained when you get them.

I guess that is true, I’ll take it voluntarily then. thanks for explaining :slight_smile:


Good luck! You have a bright future ahead of you. I hope you get released soon!

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Diagnosis can depend on other things I had lots of psychosis but cos I’m on a low dose I’m not diagnosed as sz