What if Obama were to eradicate the two term limit

and seek a third term (with Congress’s permission, of course)?

I’m looking forward to seeing Hillary run before she gets too old. I’ve seen Obama.

When I’ve got a good thing, I want to hang on to it.

Obama’s OK…

Just thinkin’ he can’t pull it off.

Yeah, the republicans might get it together next time.

Or maybe you mean eradicate the two term limit. There has been a vast right wing conspiracy after him for 6 or 7 years.

Yes, I did mean that Obama might not be able to eradicate the two term limit. Might make a good lame duck challenge for him, though.

It would be funny –

If the two term limit were eradicated then we might as well call Obama king & set ourselves up like England. (I don’t dislike England)

The monarchy has next to no power in England

That is true…parliment (how’s it spelled?) makes the rules right?

yeah parliament does

Not being rude here but if the Queen has no power what is her purpose? Is she just a symbol of England?

Ceremonial. But I’m anti-monarchy anyway so I’m not offended at all

@zenmind. Ok thanks.

Obama is marking his calendar right now for Jan 2017

He can’t wait to get out of office

Oh really… Obama wants out? Didn’t know that. I think Obama is arrogant anyway…very intelligent tho

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It was an old thread, but with all the Isis stuff and Obama no clue how to handle it, he wants out now I can only imagine.

Obama had a press conference on ISIS just recently and named all the heads of ISIS that have been killed. He IS making progress to dismantling ISIS. I would love to see Obama named king of the US. I think he’s one of the best presidents we’ve ever had.


Obama won’t be allowed to do such a thing because the rest of the government is controlled by Republicans. It’s an interesting proof for the fact that people vote more on the person rather than the ideas.