I had a dream last night Donald Trump won the election

Then he got impeached…

I’m known for my psychic dreams…


NNNNNOOoooooooo !?! :scream_cat:
take care :alien:


Donald Trump, although popular right now…doesn’t have a feather’s chance in hell of winning the presidency.

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Donald Trump belongs on these forums.




Ick. Just … ick.

We’re in the middle of an abnormally long federal election campaign here in Canada. By long I’m talking about 70 days verus the usual 38 that are mandated by law. It’s making everyone bugnutz and has seriously arsed up the flow of funny cat videos on my Facebook wall. Damned if I know how you Yanks can stand campaigning that literally drags on for years. Much more of this and your whole darned country will belong here.


Well I’m laughing at this thread. ■■■■■■■ hilarious.

@szadmin hahahahhahvaa

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What a nightmare! Trump is unsuited to be a politician. His running for office will only divide us. His attacks on Obama, illegal immigrants, and John McCain are damaging to the country as a whole. Trump attacked McCain’s war record, even though McCain had been a POW in North Viet Nam for 5 1/2 years where he was regularly tortured, and Trump got two student deferments and one medical deferment from serving in the war. That should tell us something about the soul of this man.

I approve of this admin.

If he does get elected the world will be at war in 7 days, but what a 7 days that will be.

Please no! Can’t stand him!

The very best Donald Trump can do is to run as an independent candidate, where he might get some support, but have no real chance of being elected. Even that is too much. I’ve never seen a candidate more unsuited to be a politician.

You probably remember still the year 1992 elections when Ross Perot was an independent candidate. Many people liked him, but he just spent a lot of money without being elected.

Back in 1999 in New Mexico I had quite severe delusion when I thought that I was the one who knew who would become the US President in 2000, these delusions included my views how I knew whose photo was on the first page of some newspapers a day after the 2000 election.

But some of my auditory hallucinations were correct especially when I had voices telling me where was the head of American Jewish Federation, voices told me that the head was in Estee Lauder as it was as I later discovered 1,5 years after. Actually that was the time I really thought I was totally nuts.

I had a dream about Trump too, but he was admitting to trying to cause a ruse in the GOP just to cause more favorability with the Democratic party. In fact, that seemed to be his sole admittance in the dream - that he was trying to take away Republican votes just so the Democratic party could win again.

He used to support Democratic party members financially. I’m not sure what the guy, Trump, is doing. He has never been in a Gov’t office before - never been a governor, senator, mayor or anything… :hatching_chick:

Trump is a secret Democrat - he may be trying to split up the Republican Party intentionally.

If he runs as an independent it will be over for the Republicans.

I am loving the show as I am a Democrat :smile:

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He’s loud, he’s full of himself, and he speaks at great length on topics he has no knowledge of. Seems as qualified as the rest of the politicians out there.



If people want a republican that can run a business properly, I don’t know why they don’t vote for Fiorina instead. I don’t think she has ever filed bankruptcy right?

Not to mention the insane amount of money politicians spend on their campaigns these days.

I wouldn’t underestimate Trump. A lot of Americans are tired of the immigration policy this country has.