Support lifer, "king of america"!

well why should i be king? it’s my destiny, i will become king of america.

i will legalize weed for the peasants, actually on 2nd thought, i won’t i will keep it as a divine right of kings for myself. haha.

i will eagerly look to legitimize my new kingdom and expend the empire, pushing north and invading canada. as a concession to the canadians i will make hockey and basketball the national sports.

i will cede texas the southwest and southern california back to mexico and marry a senorita and have children so that our two nations will be allied

free health care, and college for the peasants, i am a benevolent king, except that invasion of canada thing.

i will move the capital to seattle and make headways into the pacific.

support lifer “king of america”

and my great descendents will live off the tit of the government for all their days, living a charmed life.

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Free health care isn’t benevolent. It tacks on trillions to the budget and makes the whole thing progressively more inefficient. Waiting times increase, quality goes down. Boondoggle.

But I get the sarcastic tone overall.

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hush now, before i conquer you, haha. you will end up a political prisoner.

the national languages will be gaelic, spanish, and french will also be tolerated although not officially. pero, no habla ingles, the overthrow of the english will be complete. and our soccer teams will defeat them with little fan fare here at home.

we will all jam to sly and the family stone.

@naturallycured maybe you will be wise counsel on the king’s court.

unfortunately i can’t cede northern california “where the redwoods meet the sea” it’s the apple of my eye.

the peasants will be encouraged to hike to california without getting arrested. haha.

Then French should be an official language :grin:

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I will become Robin Hood in your kingdom. I look good in green, I like bow and arrows and I could live in a forest.

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eww yes. i will cower behind my armies not to meet death by arrow. what a painful wicked death that would be haha.

@Aziz only if you teach me to speak fluently in french.


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