How about Gore for president next?

Hey, if Nixon can come back after a loss, anybody can.

I do not think this is possible. He has not been politically involved in many years. Back in 2006 he was in Helsinki and he said ‘politics is a kind of poison’.

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He put heart into his work and got hurt. Might be why he’d rather not. The cold hearts sometimes win because they are undaunted by pain.

I liked Gore. But he has been getting more done through his foundation then he could ever do in politics. He has more power in private sector and non-profit research then trying to fight congress to even fund research.

He has the intellect but does he have the charisma/personality to make a successful run for the presidency?

i say Steven Speilberg for president x

I disagree. His name is a little gory but other than that, I think he’s good to go.

I’m mad at Gore. I saw the story of the woman who saved Jewish children from the ghettos during the holocaust by smuggling them out in her toolbox or a sack she kept for the toddlers. She got severely beaten and limbs broken when the caught her, but she managed to save hundreds of children. She kept their names and tried to find their families to reunite them after it was all over.
Al Gore made a slideshow. Also, he isn’t a scientist so it wasn’t even his work. He was just the mouthpiece. He should have refused it and told them to give it to her (she was a nominee), or he should have given it to her later if he didn’t know about it till then. If he never knew about her he should have given it to the scientists who made his presentation possible.

naaaa, it has to be the fonz man :wink:

he’d be great , hendry winkleman i think his real name is

The mayor of one Alaskan town is a cat. I haven’t done much research but it seems to be a winning idea.

Last time I saw him was a year or two ago. He seemed to be more convincing since he’d gotten fat like the rest of us.