What if Counseling brought up bad memories

I have a dilemma. I kind of am on the fence on going to a Pys because it may bring up bad memories of past abuse.

And if that happens that could lead to obsession then breakdown. Now if they would give me a sedative to help with the thoughts I could do it, but theres no guarantee of that, and don’t want to walk in a office and say “can i have some benzos before we start.”

That’s just not a good start or will get you any help if they would help, which they really do.

So what should I do really? Thought about going to a place I’ve been before that knows my past scz problems with abuse. They might help me out with something right?

You might wait to see how you feel about this therapist before you go into any heavy memories. There is no guarantee he or she will understand.

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Most therapists who specialize in trauma agree that bringing up old memories is unhelpful, because it retraumatizes you. They usually focus on positive coping strategies, instead. I suggest calling a therapist ahead of time to find out if they subscribe to this way of thinking. My sister went to a therapist who wanted to bring up bad memories, and it set her recovery back for months.


I am amazed at the responses here. This is exactly how I think. The past belongs in past. Dealing with the fallout is one thing, rehashing it might be something else.

A lot of people here have had bad times, self included. I rarely listen to anyone who is not focused on making those bad times a fuzzy, distant memory of something that happened long ago.

I am depressed enough, i dont need help drowning. lol

I would certainly take ninjastar’s advice to heart. I would want to know if they are just re-hashing, or focusing on dealing with lingering problems from the abuse.

I mean yes, you might have to speak about it if they do not know the type or degree. But i would think they would just read the notes/records and make brief conformation?


well said. i tried it only three sessions. Mine did not “get it” or seem to care. Made lots of laughing or making light of situation as if made him feel uncertain (nervous???)

I honeastly think he didnt know what to say.??
He ended it, not me, by simply not accepting appoints.

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I hate to hear that man. A therapist that just doesn’t get it or makes jokes about a serious issue. That’s what I’m scared of. Obsessing on the thoughts then breakdown unless I have benzos


I was abused by a therapist as a child so I definitely understand the fear of working on your trauma. It’s definitely not an easy path to take.

But it is very worthwhile. It’s hard to work on and you definitely need to find someone you can trust.

And I won’t lie to you it might get worse before it gets better but once it starts to get better it’s so worth it.

I’m rooting for you and I hope you feel better.

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yes it really stunk. it kind of made me feel hopeless,angry, but my problems are different than than your own.

My therapist was also from a tax subsidized clinic though. If you got insurance,maybe they are not so turd like?

I think the main problem is that I got two problems: MI and facial deformity. The MI is major depression, but as you can imagine the MDD is caused from social stigma/ostrication.

I think he was not exspecting a situation such as mine and was used to counseling people only with MI.

I think i was dreaming too, - to think that anyone would have any new ideas for me to try. Instead, he only ask abouf things that tick me off-

-how strangers treat me
-how family treats me…

on and on bout the bad. He offered no advice. I think counsellors should already have some aense of how a person would feel if the tables were turned. I dont think he did at all.

That doesnt mean youll get one that doesnt understand what it like to be abused. Unfortunately, there is wide speard abuse in the world, so i think your chances for getting someone with experience in that are good.

I would certainly let the guy know how much “simply” talking about effects you. I didnt like talking about it even as thick skinned as i am.

Let us know how it goes maybe? I think youll have more luck than i did. My situation makes me the Grand Origanal Wierdo so that i am often just S.O.L.

See ya round the forum

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What is the point of going to counselling if it is not to deal with past traumas? I mean," Hello!, I am a non functioning person becaues of trauma, please heal me without dealing with it!"

Dream on, it is a long and difficult path and if the counsellor is not up for it by discussing beforehand the concepts of your problems by mentioning as in my case being sexually abused as a child or such things then get a counsellor who can.

Talk that you have deep rooted psychological problems, such as sexual abuse and ask them if they can handle it or better still deal with it, so you can cope with it or best not to go there if they don’t know how to deal with it.

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Sorry to hear that Noise. But as you may understand I don’t want to dive into those topics until I know I have a blanket to fall back on like benzo or something. Your therapist points really helped me out. Thx allot

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