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Would it be appropriate to talk about past abuse to your psychiatrist doctor. Like does she have degrees to deal with that type of topic or not

You probably need to speak to a therapist. I think psychiatrists just prescribe pills really.


My pdoc only prescribes meds and tries to help me maintain a healthy balance between them and my positive symptoms. I know that if I want to talk- really talk- I need to see a therapist.

My therapist says it’s usually not a good idea to talk about past traumas because it retraumatizes you to relive it. Instead, she encourages me to discuss how my trauma is impacting my life now, and what behaviors I want to work on.

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The following applies only to low level to moderate abuse, extreme abuse is in a different category:-

The trend these days in therapy is ‘normalisation’ of bad experiences. The goal is to get the patient to understand that bad things happen to everybody and that being a victim of past bullying is the norm rather than the exception.

Sounds like a Therapist is in order.

Pdoc is great to talk to about the medications. Symptoms of the disease.

A therapist is great for processing memories and changing how badly they affect you. Talk therapy, CBT, etc etc.

My therapist uses schema therapy with me. It’s a way of identifying how your life experiences have caused you to develop harmful beliefs and behavior patterns, and then work on changing them one at a time.

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My psychiatrist will rarely ask me personal questions outside of my symptoms.
It’s best that you talk to a therapist.

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