What i plan to say

I catch trains everyday a lot. There is this one guard i see at different stations i am going to go out and find him today. If i cant find him i will find him soon i am going to say ‘If i want to catch the train i will catch the train. If i want to use public toilets i will use them. If you don’t like it go work somewhere else.’ I will do this when the train arrvies at the platform and they are forced to come out and stand there. Then a few moments later when the train is leaving i will say ‘you are an inferior human’. Then i will walk away and go to another station

The way this worm goes on is pathetic thinking they rule the place and public toilets which at many stations are constantly open they have no say. I heard them say once as well in front of me that the city was a city of dregs and the dirty looks are unbelievable but i will go out looking for them. I did say something to them on that other occasion but it was not as pointed

I have done a similar thing once with a bus driver where i went out looking for them and they were easily found because i knew where and when they would be and i made my point. They gave me a horrible look once but i have long since stopped catching buses except rail replacement buses when the trains are not running

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I don’t really get what happened, but if you need to defend yourself verbally then go ahead and do it


Why would you go out of your way to intentionally make someone else’s day worse? If you think he is rude, just stay away from him.


I would forget about it. Don’t dwell on unpleasant interactions. I have done so and nothing good ever came of it.

It’s better to try and understand why the other person does what he does. Like I had some guy ranting at me at the store where I work about prices being to high, like I could do something about it. I just put myself in the guys shoes and rationalized that he must have had a really bad day to bother doing something like that.


I see them extremely frequently. The timing is key i am thinking i will say ‘If i want to catch the train i will catch the train. If i want to use public toilets i will use them. If you don’t like it go work somewhere else’ when i said when the train arrives and they have to come out and stand there and just 2 seconds later i will say ‘you are an inferior human’. That timing is perfect then i will stand there and let the train leave and then i will go somewhere else.

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Sounds kind of petty tbh, it takes less effort to be a better person than that.

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It sounds like you are obsessing about revenge.

The best revenge is to not grant whoever has done you wrong a thought, not even for a second.

If you think about wrongs you only put yourself in a bad mood. Forget about it. That’s the best option.

Do what you feel you have to do just don’t say “I will cut you” or you will go to the mental hospital and the police will be involved.

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Yes that is why it is pre thought out what i will say that way it is controlled. Even if they respond i will say nothing more. This way i can keep things in my control.

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Good because if you say one wrong thing you will be in the mental hospital funny world we live in. :joy: I guess most are drones and don’t have worry about it except for there ■■■■ lives and there wretched existences.

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If you have a specific complaint maybe you can place it with the customer service office, if they have one.

It’s not clear to me from what you wrote whether there was a specific incident or it’s just this person’s general attitude that triggers you.

Either way, maybe just acknowledging to yourself that this guy is distressing to you and steer clear of him for the best outcome.

If you just can’t help confronting him, I would leave out the personal attack (being inferior). I think that would make a person less likely to take your complaint seriously and more likely to escalate the situation. You’re basically picking a fight with this guy, and do you really want to do that if you see him all the time?

Upon further retrospection i have decided i will say ‘If i want to catch a train i will catch a train. If i want to use a public toilet i will use a public toilet. If you don’t like it go work somewhere else.’ And then i will say ‘you are an inferior human’ a couple of seconds later. This is originally what i thought to say you keep it as a singular noun the words train and public toilet that way it is sooo much easier to remember :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yes you just want to say what comes natural.

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I don’t get it. Are you sure this is really happening…the guard following you around the train station (?). And why are you planning this confrontation? So many questions…

I’d be inclined to not bother with your plans. They are just doing their job and I agree with others here. Why do you feel the need to do this? I think your better off talking to your doctor/therapist than a member of the public doing their job.

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Oh well i guess you cant understand

@TheOne_and_Only, I think everyone here is trying to help. Can you try explaining in a different way or the best you can if English is not your first language?

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WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF? Dude, what’s your problem?

Basically i am saying none of you exist i use it as a diary you are nothing to me

That’s odd, I use the world as my diary, and you don’t exist either. Hmmph.