People treats me like a dog

I am so sick of it. Wherever i go the same thing. Hospital, home doesn’t matter. I am trapped. Any advice on how to be a happy human dog?

Hell, people treat me worse than a dog. At least dogs get petted; I never get petted. And no one ever brushes my fur or throws a tennis ball for me.


Don’t read what people want by a voice or movement u alone see talk to voices like they r your superior and see if people will stop d dog thing

All I can tell you is people suck sometimes. Your worth doesn’t come from other people though, so remember that. Hopefully you’ll find some better people in your life.


I tend to get used alot by arseholes for money and tobacco - even at one stage the police put a vulnerbale report in to social services. I rely on other people to stick up for me (cos i have no balls) but it does tend to make me wanna isolate. People take advantage of my loniliness - and i only end up getting angry. Its a shame cos im a nice bloke and a wonderful father!!!

  1. Be assertive.
  2. Point out wrong doing.
  3. Take responsibility.
  4. Be kind to others.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Say thank you.
  1. (a) IF they are deserving of it.
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The dog in my house gets special treatment

not sure what you mean

did you mean to suggest that you are being bad

well, stop it.

I think you can be kind to strangers and the crowds, just kind overall. Kind words. You can have self-respect and dignity when confronting someone. You don’t need to lose your cool.

I hold tight to people I’m with though

Phil, my daughter, my son

I hold their hands in large crowds.

It’s a reconfirming moment just then.


I’m a firm believer in being courteous until it becomes evident that courtesy is no longer deserved. One of my cardinal rules is to never let bullies get away with what they love doing.


I’ve seen you confront people on this forum numerous times. How you do it is admirable. You have incredible skill at addressing wrongdoing. You quote their own words, acknowledging there is a discrepancy and forcing them to self-confront. You create dissonance by asking questions and pointing out other viewpoints.

You do not use foul language. You do not belittle someone. If you are the same way in person that you are on here, you remain dignified.

I do not stand for wrongdoing towards another person. I served on an anti-bullying comittee in a neighborhood in a low income area. I agree with you.

I think someone can be strong and take action to deal with poor behavior. But they don’t have to add to wrong behavior losing their cool.

Make sense?


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