My colleague makes remarks about me

At work I do not pick up the phone because it is not in my contract and I don’t need the stress. And he does not like this obviously he does not know what my diagnosis is and I do not intend to tell him. But he does not like it that i’m not doing it. The new girl offered to take the phones and he said to her “at least your offering to take the phones. No one else will.”

Yeah, that sucks. Three things come to mind while reading your post. One: Don’t blame yourself for his abuse: some people are just a*sholes. Two: I put up with a lot of jerks at my job too, who do worse things than that. And Three: There’s an old cliche: It’s not always what people say which is the problem, it’s how you REACT.
Probably not much help.


He will just have to get over it. The best thing I feel is to say/do nothing.
If it’s not in your contract then it’s not your problem to help answer the phone, and he will just have to learn to live with this.
He is just trying to guilt you into helping, and once you start helping, you can’t stop without making it worse.
Stick to your job and let this guy’s comment roll of your back, you are in the right, and don’t have to explain nor apologize.

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Today when we we were alone he said if this country isn’t doing nothing for me I should go back home. This is my home. I was born here. Is that an appropriate thing to say?

He thinks I’m cultured. I asked him if that was wrong he said no. He said he himself is very cultured but modern at the same time.

I’m really upset and want to tell them that the reason I don’t have many friends is not because I’m being racist or whatever.

No. Not at all.
He is way out of line.
There is no reason for him to be rude to you at work just because you don’t do things to make his job easier. You are not neglecting your job so he doesn’t need to attack you personally. That was pretty low of him.