Guy just muttered stuff

This gangster guy out nowhere cursing at me so it seemed as i walked by him… So what did I do. I postured up and called him a bitch /punk bitch. He asked “are you saying that to me”, I siad “ya bitch what are you going to do about it.” He walked away and still kept cussing at me so a walked after him until I felt good like I ■■■■■■■ dominated. Damn I have to wrk on my social etiquette on avoiding/creating hostile situations.

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That’s really stupid man.
Don’t do that again, please.


Its like the opportunities for these situations when i get disrespected keep repeating over again.

He was wanting to fight at one point,waiting for me to back down, but If you disrespect me like that to my face when im just minding my own buisness and expect me to do nothing? Your going get.trolled… In real life…

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Go take some ju jitsu classes or muay thai. Then you’ll feel more confident and next time you’ll just smile and keep walking knowing you could ■■■■ him up if he tried to attack you


I find it better to ignore them. They get bored after a few weeks and leave it. I only ask coworkers about nutty comments. Rest of this people bothering others in this city of 500k show intelligence of barking dogs…answering does no good.

Some cities have groups of kids doing this gang stalking. They scared military guys out of the neighborhood. If you just ignore the threatening crap a new times as newby to neighborhood, they will leave you alone pretty much…Can be too creepy for female alone, may consider moving as these guys will look you up for date later and poor acting like this has lots of way to make a schizo miserable. Can be unsafe.

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I’ve been in many fights in the street because of stuff like that. What else is there to do?

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Why out of nowhere would a guy start getting aggressive with you. And also I agree with @rollies cause in America you never know what type of unstable “normal” people there are that would escalate it and possibly have a weapon. You can win in a fist fight but can’t win when it escalates. And it always (not really always but I find us Americans have a tendency for the “gun to a fist fight” mentality if the person thinks they are losing) escalates in America. Violence wise I think the non mentally ill are crazier then us SZ’s. Give a normal dude some booz and a knife nothing good will come of it. Give me some booz and a knife I’ll drink the booz then try to play darts with the knife at the bar for money to buy more booz. Or I’ll just drop the knife and drink the booz. Either way its about the booz for me. And the reason I’m going on about booz is because normally thats how people get all upset about small things then want to fight and you know the rest. I don’t know why but alcohol really makes people edgy and aggressive for some reason. I just get all happy and say thank god I’m still alive so I can drink more. I’m going to have a big problem with drinking in 8 months I can already tell.

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