I don't want to insult anyone


Could you guys be more wrong? I know the lady downstairs is thinking of me. I sense it. She will literally wait 45 minutes until I relax and then I hear a loud noise meant to warn me. It’s crazy. Tell me I’m wrong. These people are irrational people who drive me crazy, deliberately or not. I’m starting to learn that they are crazier than me. Now I’ll get off my soapbox. I lost again. Being nice is stupid.


i personally have always believed you…
i feel for you ,as i have had bad neighbours…but i just learnt to totally ignore those types of people.
you can win the battle, but it is by ignoring them, not looking at them.
not regonising their existance.
some one spiritual said to me…"if you do not look at anyone, they do not see you, you become a ghost to them ".
take care :alien:




Being nice and quiet was more for yourself, not for your neighbors. It seems you are trying to communicate with your neighbors by making noises again. Why did you join thin stupid game? Your downstair neighbor might be just a rough person who don’t know how to live elegantly, because it’s hard for her to convey her information by making a noise upward to your flat. That way she has to use up all her strength and energy! So this doesn’t make sense that she was specificly against you.


It’s been 6 years. I don’t like to be bullied. It’s hard to forgive 6 years of bullying and mental cruelty.


@77nick77 is there any way you could talk to them when they are outside their apt.? Just kindly ask if they could refrain from making any loud noises and that it has bothered you for six years? Seems like that wouldn’t hurt?


I’m putting it down to massive sex appeal. I need to start on that diet you gave me.



Did you mean she bullied you for 6 years by just making noises like slaming the door from a place downstair? Has she been insane by trying to bully a person living upstairs?


Well, yes, there’s that too.


I’m sorry green. I’ve been living with these people for 6 years. I know their tricks. Not every playing field is level. And yes, she is insane.


When I think my neighbors are harassing me vocally I go outside, walk around and listen. Everytime, it ends up being the voices in my room. I have to check though, as it seems the most logical explanation at the time even though I know better by now. If your neighbor is intentionally attacking you, be glad it’s her problem and not yours. That might make you feel better that the lady downstairs is rambling by herself and that you’re doing just fine.


Chances are, your wrong. Ive gone through many years of saying my instinct tells me x or indeed i feel or sense y. Your ‘sense’ of something is just a biological response , what do you suppose happens when the brain does not function correctly. Dont you think its possible that it issues biological responses that are not appropriate to a situation. I base my answer on other posts that you have made about your neighbours and your justifications for scepticisim , were not rational.


Problems generally fall into two categories:

  1. Things you can do something about.
  2. Things you have no control over.

Since the neighbours fall under category number two (unless you do something you absolutely shouldn’t), the best idea is probably to make some tea, put on some classic tunes, and shift gears mentally until you can drive your mind somewhere else for a while. I’m thinking start with this:




Ah, you know your audience. I saw them in Oakland in 1977. I can’t remember almost any of it.You could probably guess why.


i had to call the police a couple of times on the upstairs neighbour for noise, one time his daughter was over and she was blowing one of those airhorns really loud at night and another time i heard someone breaking in so phoned the cops and it turned out it was his son but i heard them talking after with the son suggesting he was going to get me back for calling the cops and then the father said just to leave it as he does charity work so i remember saying thank god i did that charity work, saved my life i think lol.

the place i will be moving soon is at the top so nobody above me thankgod :slight_smile:


The neighbour couldn’t read your mind, and vice versa. Being smart is good, but is not applicable in guessing other people’s motive behind their action. I am not pointing at you, I have that kind of habit, too.


I agree, I honestly believe there are instruments that have the ability to read the energy produced from our synapses and neurons that translate into our thoughts. I mean the Voyager 1 satellite is 10.6 billion miles away from earth, and waves are transmitted to earth and then beyond the limits of our solar system. I mean it’s pretty likely. Maybe delusional but I’ve experienced some very realistic experiences. Stay above them Nick real or not.


That instrument will be the science beyond our generation. Charger without cables, zero-gravity pad…I’ve read in books that they do exist.


They’ve had chargers w/out cables for phones for a long time, among others, solar doesn’t need cable either. Zero gravity pads…that’s how Astronauts train.


Hello 77nick77

Here is the way to test them. if you know your neighbors name from downstairs, and have a local phone book have your voices tell you their phone number. if they give you a cell phone number call it who cares just say you dialed the wrong number. Their are so many ways to test them and ways to prove that the voices are from within and not telepathic people. Tell the voices to buzz off and be strong about it, they will then need to change again and again to trick you so just be aware they are there and want to trick you. Test them test their knowledge ask them simple math problems and things related to the the earth things you need to look up on your computer, if you know the answer then they do to as they can find memories in your highest mind. The more you test them the more you will see they do not know anything or very little.