What happen when you went off meds,and how did you get back on it?

What happen when you go off medicine,and how did you get back on it?Why did you choose to get off them in the first place?

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I thought I could live without meds

But it didn’t work. I was losing my consciousness. I started to get angry on anything. So i ended up in the hospital for a week or two.

Decided to stay on meds


Now on meds,your consciousness has returned?Whats the different between your consciousness on and off them?

How long did you get angry on things before you realise something is wrong and you need to get back on meds?An example of incident that you got angry while off meds?

Yes my coinscious has returned

I had the unconscious when I was diagnosed with special education. I never got diagnosed to a psychiatrist

When off meds

When I was off meds I felt “autistic” or like " when you get really drunk." I felt like a lost cause. “Like a child without on parenting leash”

How I realized I had unconsciou

it’s a touf question to anwser but the only thing I can remember is when I was smoking a herb called salvia divinorium. I was tripping. Then the next few days I stared to slowly experience the unconscious every day. Went to hospital mental facility because I felt I was drugged. I have no clue why I get angry,maybe because I don’t like staying in the same area all the time.(Before I smoked salvia divinorium. I had smoked weed all day through out 3 years everyday. My tolerance was maybe that what caused my schizophrenia)

I’m still delusional. I still have the unconscious feeling sometimes. It comes and goes.

went off meds once didn’t go well, got back on meds via a partial hospitalisation program.

I went off the meds because I was tired of seeing a doctor once a month and taking tons of pills a day

What happen when you said it didn’t go well?Did other people notice or you realise that yourself?

I tried to quit meds many times because I was so sick of side effects that I just wanted to make due without them. However inevitably every time I went off I would have a spike in my symptoms and it was so distressing I ended up back on. Finally I found meds that worked for me that didn’t give me any side effects and now I’m pretty happy.


I have gone off my medication a few times, and each time i started off alright for a while, and then my symptoms came flooding back in a rush. Suddenly my mood was extremely poor, i was suicidal. Then my psychotic symptoms came, but i didn’t really know that i was psychotic at the time. Only after i had been on medication for a while that i noticed the difference. The reason why i went off my medications was the belief that i didn’t need them anymore. I was also upset, i didn’t think that someone my age should need medication.


I’m doing a PRN thing with meds ATM. I feel I am OK off them but I will take them if I get a flareup.

Strongly don’t recommend doing this. Vast majority of people would just be winging it doing that.

I am still taking non-pharma treatments. I need treatment of some sort, just not necessarily pharma stuff. There is damage that needs healing.

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I ended up in hospital.

I didn’t think I’d have a relapse

I always eventually relapse and wind up in the hospital when I go off meds for extended periods. I’ll lose my insight and look out! My wife was not happy with the last relapse and helps me keep on track (and I do appreciate her for doing this).

I’m slowly going off my meds under the doctors supervision. My positive symptoms were never that serious so I’m hoping for a renewed tryst with life. Perhaps after all the universe might be a demonic simulation with me at its centre.

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I often feel it’s Nazis running the show.

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For me, I end up on way more meds after I quit or have to change meds because the meds stop working or lose effectiveness.

I end up worse. Fortunately, I found Vraylar, but I started at 3.5-4.5mg and quit a couple times and NOW I’m on 9 mg, which is above FDA guidelines.

Anyways, I end up getting delusional, losing insight, losing my working memory and long term memory, and getting stuck in a zombie-like trance.

Vraylay has kept me out of the hospital and I only went in because of my own free will and because I felt like it and wanted to.

I have severe delusionals and severe negative symptoms, but no hallucinations. I think I have dreams which are like Donald Marshall talkes about or what Super Soldiers talk about, but that’s about it. I think some of my stuff is actually real like being abducted by aliens, and being a Montauk Boy, but no-one gives a ■■■■ I’ve learned and they get upset when you bring it up.

Its very hard to get on meds once you stop bcz you will think you’re normal without them, I nearly killed myself after stopping meds. Same thing for switchings meds side effects, when I got back on Abilify’s addictions side effects I felt normal and it was very hard to switch to a better med with no side effects like multiple addictions.

One time when I was off my med’s I had a whole town about ready to kill me. I’m not going back there again. Usually what messes me up on med’s is anger. I’ll get really angry about some real or imagined slight, and I do or say something that alarms people. There isn’t really a specific time frame over which it happens. It might be one week, or it might be five months, but I’ll get these anger spikes, and that is when I am losing touch with reality.

It depends, some can control while majority fall so best option is to keep taking it especially if you have started to take it for long time as body get used to it.

A good self test is like this.

Can you ignore the voices if it come?
Can you ignore the paranoia, delusion etc if it come?
Can you act normal even if you have lot of anger feelings?
Can you remain happy and functional even if mood so low and depressing?

After my first episodes I went into almost complete recovery and went off meds with help of pdoc. I lasted five years but then relapsed so had to get back on meds.

Over the years I’ve tried to come off again but always relapsed and several times landed up in hospital. I wonder if I will ever go back to remission again. I probably have to stay on meds now for life.

Sometimes I feel I can go off because I feel so good I believe my sza is gone. But then it’s always come back.

We can’t all be John Nash’s. It would be nice though.

I tried getting off and had a honeymoon period for months, but then I went rock-bottom and was hospitalized several times. Vraylar seems to stop that but I don’t experience a honeymoon or anything. Just low levels of consciousness and massive levels of sleep.

I always figured I would have to adapt if they stopped making meds or they ran out. Risperdal would be my go-to med.

I’ve always thought it would be survival of the fittest and I would have to push myself and deal with the paranoia, delusions, and anxiety if my family wasn’t there. I would have to work. I guess that’s the ideal world I see.

My mind and body has become used to the meds so much that my body and brain have probably changed and became dependent on it.

Maybe things will get better in the future. Maybe my symptoms will get better. Maybe the meds will get better. I lost interest in all supplements because they simply don’t work that well and are not worth the money.