<<<<<<<<<<Poll: What happened when you went off meds? >>>>>>>>

  • You were hospitalized in months
  • You were hospitalized in weeks
  • You were hospitalized in days
  • You were not hospitalized
  • You got hurt or hurt others
  • You got in trouble with the law
  • You felt better and managed? :thinking:
  • You eventually got back on
  • You remained off
  • You were the same after getting back on
  • You were less functional and worse

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I’ve never made a poll before…

If this one doesn’t look like I wanted it to…please just answer below





I was never off meds.
I just had lowered doses on my own.
I was way worse


I spent 2 years barely coping then went psychotic and was hospitalised.


I rely on my meds - sod the side effects - im a total nightmare to be around when im not on them, and at high risk of being nicked on a section 136 without them. This is why these anti-psychiatry lobbys and websites get on my tits. It works for me.


I experienced trauma, and being off meds

it threw me into total psychosis.

but I voted, I eventually went back on. thanks.


What happened there - my post was hidden :frowning:


Yes, I don’t know why
Maybe a glitch


When you use the word anti-psych In full it is automatically hidden and send in for review by mods. Happened to me to.


Oh i see - second time thats happened to me lately. Thought is was my swearing :frowning:


And to answer the question - I tried several times. I felt better first, then was hospitalised with more symptoms than before meds (rebound). Sometimes i just got back on after trouble started and felt the same. Im trying to use less now, lowest effective dose. I still hope to slowly come off one day and cope with my thoughts and feelings myself.

I voted differently for the different times.


My mind races out of control off meds, I totally loose it


I skipped a couple doses on my own :confused: I felt worse, and started again before things got worse.


I went off meds and got in trouble with my wife. Worst possible outcome, really.


I went off meds completely for about 18 months.

Smoked a lot of cannabis to cope,

And I thought it really helped at first.

My emotions came back, I felt more like myself, I enjoyed the little things in life,

It was great.

Then after about a year I started to decline,

The weed wasn’t cutting it anymore,

I’d spend hours just staring at the wall,

I was afraid all the time.

Eventually, the voices and hallucinations started crawling back in and I had to get put back on meds.

My emotions dulled, and I enjoy less, but I’m stable,

So there’s that.


I unhid it for you.


Cheers!! x 666666666666


When I tried going off meds I had to be hospitalised several times. Other times I did badly but stayed at home and resumed my meds
Once some years ago I managed off meds for several years but then it returned and been on meds ever since
Maybe if I do well over next two years I can try to come off again… don’t know…


Once I missed my meds for a day and almost went to the psych ward


really? I’ve missed a day or two.

the only thing I notice is loose bowels.

it takes months for me.


I don’t know why maybe because I was just put on abilify for a couple months it hasn’t has time to fully work in my system yet