Anyone not on meds, whats it like?

Hi, I interested in what your experiences have been like if your off meds. Have you developed more insight compared to when you were first ill. How do you do with delusions because they are my main problem. I myself am off meds but the symptoms haven’t started yet, been off 12 weeks and 2 days so going off my last relapse i ready to go at anytime now. I’ve been to hospital 3 times now and I am learning each time how this illness effects me, this is the first time i’ve come off meds expecting to relapse, the last times i have been inexperienced with this illness thinking that i would be fine.



like your username! that’s great. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been trying to resist the urge since it’s off topic, but I love your grumpy cat.

I’m am on meds, but I am working for lower doses. I’ve been finding ways to cope with little bits of delusions and hallucinations and stress triggers so if I do end up off meds someday, I can still function.

to answer your question. I was on a VERY low dose of meds for probably 2 years a long time ago. One doctor spoke to me said that probably wasn’t effective. I did good but eventually had to take meds again with a relapse and now i wouldn’t go off my meds at all.

I take a low dose of meds, 5mg Abilify. A pdoc told me that it wasn’t much affective at that dose so I can consider coming off in a few months but I am considering going a little lower but not entirely coming off.

I’m on 0.5 of flunaxol. I don’t feel like I’m on any meds. Life is better but some problems with sleeping sometimes.

I refused meds for over a year. It was hell, if you want an honest answer. I attempted suicide and had no life except for showing up to school twice a week or for exams. I also became an alcoholic and that was it, I just said ■■■■ it and started on meds.

I resisted taking them properly and had 25+ hospital stays, most in the first 6 years after being Dx’d.
Ran out of meds around the first part of the year, lost contact with my Pdocs because of my divorce.
Wished I had the choice of being back on them, I felt better on them.

i’ve never really been off them completely so i don’t know. i wouldn’t risk it right now though i am curious as to what would happen. maybe when the kids r older i’ll give it a try but not when they still have to get up for school and stuff. i need to b ok for them. my youngest is only 14 so i can’t afford to go off the deep end right now.

if you know ur going to relapse grumpy cat then y r u coming off ur meds?

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I don’t take medication, I did tried two pills in the last month, it was like a push nothing else, but they didn’t work for me, I think Schizophrenia is a blessing if we can control it, but unfortunately most of us don’t know how, or even 99.99 of us don’t :frowning: …I got bad symptoms of sz since it started to go bad when I was 10 years old, I diagnosed my self at age 12, it lasted for 2 years then suddenly it started to retreat, and I forgot that I had sz !
the last two months were my first relapse, I think it stopped, I rationalize things so I don’t get caught in the delusions, the time I spent without symptoms was very much okay, I had phobia of the dark because it gets me hallucinations but I stayed away off the dark and everything that triggered any symptom, so I was doing okay, never been on medications and in normal days I don’t feel that I have sz AT ALL…it’s good not to take medications to not feel sick, I congratulate you GrumpyCat, keep it up, it’s better when we don’t take medication to confirm that there is something wrong with us, which there’s nothing wrong …good luck

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Your lucky. I wish i could not take meds. My doctor would be a little upset if i brought that idea up. LOL

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I have the same. When I started taking them I was just thinking ‘I’m doing this for my children because they need mother’.

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I don’t take medication as it is bad for brain injury, which improves with time.

One day i will stop taking medication, but not now. My delusions are usually persecutory, and it can lead me to violence and jail.

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I’m 10 times more violent on meds.

And achieve very little…

8 years of no medication.
Doctor said to me my symptom is not severe.
I am currently coping with depression.

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i did meds for 6 months or less,but i have been on the sz rainbow a looooooooong time with out meds, my chronic depression and ptsd is harder to deal with, i do not mind being sz just not to keen on the paranoid psychosis which i am going through at the moment…(remember dark sith do not kill any one)…personally i was much worse on the meds.
take care

I am the same way. I was always angry when I wasnt medicated, but I vented on safe outlets 99% of the time

No meds for 18 years now. I simply wrapped my mind around the so called schizophrenia by figuring out exactly what it is, and do so via the process of elimination.

All you have to do is figure out what consciousness is and how to create it, then figure out what reality is and how it works.

Once done, you know exactly why everything is the way it is, including the knowledge of why the so called schizophrenia exists. Thus in turn, you wrap your mind around it, and once again, you are in control.

Imagine you were put in some kind of artificial reality. This artificial reality could be perfect, but then it would not seem real to you due to it being somewhat machine like and predictable in nature. However, add diseases, wars, crime, storms, earthquakes, etc., and suddenly it seems real.

And so this also provides plenty of places to hide truths, via creating them and adding them. For instance, if you want to hide something, yet some folk are coming very close to this something, then you introduce a phenomena called “Schizophrenia” into your box of toys. This so called “Schizophrenia” will instantly be accepted as some kind of mental disorder without question. Thus those who are a threat due to coming close to reaching the hidden truth, are those who are simply set up to appear to be victims of “a definite mental disorder know as Schizophrenia.”.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.