What exercise did you do today?

I’ve been lagging in my exercise lately and haven’t been weighing myself because of the colder weather. I weighed myself this morning and I am 172.6 lbs, so I’ve actually lost weight. That motivated me to lift weights today.

I did 1 set of push ups, 2 sets of 30 pound bicep curls, 2 sets of 25 pound bicep curl and press, 1 set of 30 pound crush grip goblet squat, 2 sets of sit ups, 1 set of push ups, 1 set of 110 pounds of pull down lat bar, 1 set of 110 pound row (not exactly a row I pull a pully to my chest while sitting up straight), then 120 pounds of bench press, then did rows again, pull down lat bar this time with chin up grip, and bench press. Next I will do another set of bicep curl and press, and maybe do some burpees and hit my punching bag.

opened my computer

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I did 15 minute jog, then 40 minute bike ride. Haven’t been in the mood to strength train yet.

If the push up is 80 percent of your body weight, how come I can only do 10 reps of a 120 pounds with my machine using bench press, when I can do 25 reps with the push up? It is true I’ve had it since I was 16 and haven’t done any up keep on it since I got it, so I don’t know.

If you wanted to lift your whole body weight, you would have to do pushups without your feet supporting some of the weight. Dips on a dip bar would be pushing up your whole body.

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I’m gonna increase the weight of the pull down lat bar, row, and bench press to a 130 pounds and do fewer reps but more sets. I tried it and I found it less of a pain in the ass at a heavier weight strangely.

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I walked 5 or so miles to work today

Doing longer sets will give you more toned lean muscle tissue.

I did my exercise daily routine every night,last night was no exception too

I stretched the limits of my patience teaching my mom the computer.

I mainly just do pushups randomly when I have the energy. And I think a push up is 65 percent of your body weight :wink:

I jogged 20 minutes. Biked 40 minutes.

I jogged 35 minutes. Easy day. Leg day is tomorrow, it’s gonna hurt good.

Good job mousey :sunny:

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Hey how’s the Geodon treating you by the way?

it made me more psychotic. I’m on Abilify now.

Did my daily walk around my apartment unit

I just had another 2 eggs and some nuts. It is a major boost and increases dopamine and testosterone.

40 min jog. 20 min bike.


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