What do your voices say to you?

Mine tell me I’m stupid mostly… And they try to tell me how to think. They act like I’m always thinking wrong, and that I’m an outsider… I’ll think back to when I didn’t have sz and I hear them say “That’s back when you weren’t stupid.” It makes me so mad I could cry. I would do anything to be back to normal. I have this belief that one this will just stop… That I will get back to being “normal”. Wishful thinking I guess. :confused:

When I used to get high I would constantly hear “I’m high” “I’m high” “I’m high”. It was miserable. Like someone’s sabotaging my high with major paranoia by telling everyone I’m high CONSTANTLY god it ruined the high.
voices, or loud guilty conscious? Either way SO ■■■■■■■ ANNOYING OMG and now I can’t freely get high.

Feeling down and out tonight. I’m tired of this illness.
Plus I’m about to get in the shower which means REALLY LOUD THOUGHTS for a good 10 mins. Beware housemates… Excuse my loud untruthful thoughts.

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I have this smart delusion thought’s,commenting everything I do.“They” call me sinner and that I will get hurt or broke my leg or something like that.Voices are constant,persistent,and I live in fear for my life.It happens ALL the time,and no medication can cover that feeling or stop them.


I usually have 3 voices. One of them is hostile and says he wants to hurt me and the other two commenting on how much they hate me but that I’m not worth the effort. They get worse if I get closer to psychosis. Right now I don’t really hear them so I’m dealing mostly with the side effects of medication and the threat of insomnia.

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Im sorry to hear this. I hear something telling everyone what i’m doing as i’m doing it. like narrating me… and other people in the house are actually listening to it tell them through the tv.

its like why me? I don’t get a narration on what you’re doing?

its sick

I’m glad you’re not hearing any of the voices right now!

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This become a large problem about a month ago.I also had voices sometimes,but it was harmless.I don’t know what you mean by sick.

i mean… it’s just unfair

Maybe it’s because of lack of human relations.When I have time with people,or visit my aunt,I’m voice free for that day.There are days when I don’t speak with anyone,sometimes it’s three or four days.

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Yeah when I’m with people it gets less intense with the voices. But the voices start to come through the people i’m with’s voices (when they talk out loud)

if that makes sense

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Negative voices are the worst, my voices talk crap about other people most of the time.

are you the only one that hears your voices?
If I heard negative thoughts about other people I would fear they would hear them as I am, and they would think it was me thinking it.

No I don’t think they can hear my thoughts, I use to be paranoid about it but now I’ve gotten over it because if they could hear those thoughts there would be allot of pissed off people mad at me.

I usually just say sorry after my voices say something bad about someone.

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From what I understand, from what I’ve heard professionals say, voices are just the subconscious thoughts manifesting incorrectly as auditory hallucinations.

At any rate I haven’t heard mine for a while. I did at first when I was switching to Latuda from Abilify, but I guess that’s to be expected.

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A guy and a woman arguing about me leading Gods people astray. The woman calls me me names religious names metaphorically. This other woman sticks up for me in the conversation.

She also warns me of things happening (the lady who sticks up for me) What to do or not to do. I remember one night something happened in my flat she warned me and had a discussion with this other being without alerting him of my presence.

I have heard a demon aside from these people. But I have not heard voices for along time now. Probably a year. And that is good. I’ve had a stressful busy year in a positive way and got through it.

I couldn’t be doing with that crap on a constant basis. I don’t k ow what I would do. I’m sorry if anyone is going through that right now.

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I can relate I’ve been on Vistaril before that helped but made the voices meaner than normal. They would say things like I can’t do something or something isn’t going to work basically always telling me I’m going to fail.

But naturally they normally aren’t mean they are just kind of random and full of non sense. Right now they are talking about how much they love me I think they are trying to make a good impression :sweat:

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I think whatever you got I got it too. Maybe I’m not the only one after all :open_mouth:

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I hear 5 voices at least I use too. there’s devon who is loud VERY loud. he curses at me a lot. Aaron is just hypercritical of everything I do. Rebecca calls me derogatory names like whore. beliel is the only nice one hes a gargoyal. then there’s phillip he is mean to others and wants me to be alone.

Really? Wow that’s weird… Does it make you mad that everyone else acts like nothing’s happening?

Thankfully mine aren’t that bad they are whispers mainly. But they like to say i’m crazy and that i’m retarded. One time when i was driving i heard one say “jump out the car”

you find out who’s not talking their meds every day,

and who’s doing drugs.