What do your voices say to you?



In a way yes it’s maddening to be the only one experiencing such things.

I remember being is disbelief at one point that other people weren’t hearing what I was. I felt like entities were communicating with me through varies ways including other people and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the hum of the refrigerator. I guess shouldn’t have listened to them so much! :smile_cat:

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What do they say?

At one point I thought it was the dead trying to communicate me. I was all excited and ready to become a medium. Lol that was a while ago when my ex was “fun” and interesting to me.

idk at first I thought they were aliens

they just say random stuff like they will talk about what I am doing or what is going on

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My voices are not audible. They are thoughts that get sent to me to communicate with me. They have said all kinds of things to me. Mostly they talk to me about the brain study that I think I am a part of. I have also spoken to them in gibberish that I thought was foreign languages at the time. They have talked to me (in my head) and I have talked back. I have thought it was another identity living inside of me. I have thought it was God talking to me (and I was the Messiah). I have thought it was aliens from my home planet. Mostly, though, I have thought it was the brain researchers studying my brain. I thought (and still do a little bit) that they were communicating with me through the satellite system and equipment in my head. They have told me I am doing a great job and that pretty soon the study will end and I can have all the money (billions) I earned being part of the study and go to my ‘real’ home. The communication and head talk has cut back a ton since meds. I still have the delusion and still think I am part of the study but it doesn’t consume my thoughts. I also rarely talk to them anymore and I used to do it a lot. I think my schizophrenia is part of the study, that my getting better is part of it and even that my delusion going away is part of it. Sounds weird, I know. I am OK with the communication and delusion going away so I keep taking my meds.

They could say various things. It depends on many factors

“What is a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?” “Kill the roaches” Actually I no longer care to say what the voices say to me because it’s of a personal and damning nature and makes me look bad. And since I’ve learned the conversation in my head is private I’d like to keep it that way. I would like my doctors and pharmacists to know however that I prefer to be on the meds because they control the voices nicely and I can’t sleep without using them.

My voices claim that MisterCrowley has been ‘employed’ by Julia Davis as my conditioning coach. Commonly, when I go for a jog, I can start to feel unusual pains in my legs, and my breathing gets interrupted by tactile hallucinations of my diaphragm being prevented from exanding and contracting properly. My voices then start saying that this is being done to me by the name above, who used to be friends with WIndy.

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