Who here hears voices?

So, who here on this site hears voices,

and who are the voices you hear.

I still have some of my voices… most of them are just male…

The panic man, the hypnotist, the good doctor are all just male… it’s the little girl that is the worst. It’s the voice of my kid sis when she was tiny… lisp an all, in my head… being nasty. I hate that one the most.

The other thing that will happen is if I’m around a lot of family too long, I’ll hear all their voices in my head for a few days after. It’s like I taped the noisy dinner conversation and my brian just plays it over and over until it finally fades away.

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My voices are anyone or anything overtaking my thoughts and feelings and knowing my thoughts and feelings.

Not normally no, not anymore anyway. Well I shouldn’t say voices really, what I heard were thoughts, thoughts seemingly not my own.

Who were they? People I encountered in everyday life, my parents, my abductors and sadistic mentors of mayhem, an unnamed female, people from my past, people from my imagined past, the neighbors, people driving by in cars…but not everyone. Not everyone.

I hear the same two voices day in and day out whenever I am idle. A male and a female. I used to think they were people I bonded somehow. But I don’t think anyone has that kind of attention span to give me ■■■■ all day. They are just voices. I used to think everyone around me was taking turns controlling the voices but alas they are just voices

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yes and aliens.
take care

yes,i hear voices…it is not very often and they are male

I hear over 15-20 voices all day everyday. The meds sometimes allow me to ignore them but its an ongoing hell.

I used to, the meds have so far kept them at bay. There were three of them: a big-sister like voice who would speak soothing reassurances that ultimately meant nothing; a loud, inarticulate woman who would insinuate nasty things about me and the people around me; and a man, with a deep, rich voice, who would tell me horrible things and command me to hurt myself and try to convince me of terrible things about the people around me. I haven’t heard from any of them in a while, though the other hallucinations have come back recently, so they’re probably not far behind.


Only when I’m very stressed or off meds, and they are either alien voices or the thoughts of those around me. I have delusions about being enhanced by alien tech that allows me to hear inside other people’s heads. The delusions are mild to non-existent so long as I am med compliant and not stressing myself out over something.


I do hear voices though they’re more inside my head than around my ears. They’re not my voice though. Usually they’re celebrities…or characters from whatever show I’ve been watching. Like they came out of their show and are in my head apart of me. I know they’re not real and usually can ignore them. I mean I know I’m not getting any kind of messages from celebrities…or anything like that. Dr. Phil is still a prominent voice, and usually one of the negative ones. It is why I’ve quit watching his show for a while.

Lately I’ve been watching Love & Hip-hop Atlanta and I’ve been hearing the cast members from the previous episodes. Tonight someone new popped in my head, I’m not sure what her name is but I saw her on Lou Dobbs this evening. I just started watching his news cast and find his tone of voice relaxing so I’ve been starting to watch his hour long news cast.

This is why I’ve cut down the amount of TV I watch. I start to get them in my head. When I was younger I couldn’t tell what was in my head was a hallucination but now I know and I ignore them as much as possible. But I still find them distracting when I’m trying to get something accomplished.

I’m sorry all of you have to deal with this. I rarely hear voices. When I do they are in my head. It’s weird I have a vision of someone walking by me and their voice moves from one side of my head to the other. I’ve heard my uncle and Joey Gladstone from Full House as the only ones I recognized. They never say anything that makes sense, just random phrases.

When I was really struggling, the demon would communicate telepathically. I couldn’t hear him but I knew exactly what he was saying. My old pdoc said that those were hallucinations. He told me his name was Beazelbub, which I found out later is the devil. He used to really scare me because I could see him in my head so clearly it was like he was standing right next to me. For a while I thought I was sensitive to other realms and that he was real. So when he would make motions like he was going to shatter my ankles I was terrified. He would get so angry he would scream in my face, telling me to burn myself or kill my mom. The nurse where I go for ECT noticed that he seemed to be worse when I smoked pot. It’s funny since I stopped I’ve had hallucinations and delusions but not of him. I hope him and the demon girl are gone. :sunny:

Now I understand the voices in my head cannot hurt me. Only I can hurt me, and the only way they can actually hurt me is if I live out their images…which I refuse to do. I don’t know if I was aware of this before I realized they were just hallucinations in my head and not really people talking with me. But now I know it makes it easier to ignore them.

I hear voices. They are calling my name. Telling me to do bad things. Mocking me. I have a nice helpful voice too. She calls her self Michelle.

I hear voices and a radio station. As time has gone by the number of voices has increased. At first there were only two. For a while, there were five, now there are eight. Mostly they are male.

I hear ‘silent’ voices, meaning they are inside my head, not outside, and they are very negative. They suggest self-harm or harming loved ones, and say I am a hypocrite and a liar, taunting me over and over in bursts or attacks, which come every now and then, usually when I am under stress. They are mostly male, but there is a female voice as well, and ‘cartoon’ voices which cackle with laughter in my head. When I get a voice attack, I usually land up curled in a ball on the floor, don’t know why, but maybe its a self-protective gesture, as if I am being beaten up but by voices.

I hear the voices of my coworkers saying negative things about me. I try to remember that it’s not real. That went on for years before my first major episode. I’ve heard many imaginary voices as well since then. Sometimes I can control it, other times not. No personas to my voices, no identities. Sometimes I hear things at work when I’m not even feeling down on myself, don’t know why it’s even going on in my mind.

damn I hear 5 I cant imagin what your life must be like id hammer my head with a hammer