What do you think of the younger generation?

So, in the time I have spent on the forum, I have noticed that most members are older than I am.

Thus, I ask you, what do you think of the younger generation?

Although I am included in this group, I will take no offense to any critique. In fact, I find my generation to be more digitally engrossed than they should be.

However, I think my generation is more liberal in some ways.

What about with regard to accepting mental illnesses like sz?

I personally think the more opened mindedness will combat stigma but who really knows…
It could just be the area I live in(that’s liberal CA for ya!)

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Honestly I think that overall there is the same mixture of various personality traits, views and so on in each generation. How much any given view is suppressed in various possible ways at any given time in history will vary, but that doesn’t mean those views, traits, personalities, etc are not there. I don’t really think the younger generations (I am 27 btw) are more open-minded. They are just much more able to declare socially liberal views without repercussions/backlash, that is all.

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I think the young people are more tolerant. I also believe they will have a huge positive impact on the world. You are the first gen in the information age, use it wisely.
My child is brilliant and WILL make a difference in whatever she does.


my nephews are awesome and they will excell at whatever they do (thats if i can pull the youngest out of minecraft for a min) :confused: haha


We will try to use it well. However, every group will use and abuse the technology they are given. I personally enjoy building it more than using it. I have built a few computers and occasionally code programs, but I would rather building them than using them.


Go with it @Sharp! We will need plenty of em.
I need a machine to render. What do you recommend. Cheaper the better.

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A lot of the “younger” folks on here, have good insight into their mental illness - many of them take meds.

When I was in my 20s I had zero insight into my illness and stopped taking meds suddenly.


“If you are not a Liberal at 25, you have no heart. If you are not a Conservative at 35 you have no brain.”


hahah, as goes the cycle it seems :smile:

you just have to take the meds and hope and pray for the best

thats what i think, thats my advice to anyone who is diagnosed with sz young or old bc as you know it can happen at any age, mostly teens but others get it later as well.

i tried to stop recently and it did not turn out well but now i am taking meds again i feel much better :slight_smile:

Well consider me … :wink:


I’m 50 years old…

I like today’s youth. I find them to be funny, smart, worldly and caring over all.

I do kinda feel sorry for them in a way, though. They’re living two lives…their real life AND their internet persona. That can get confusing and create issues. I only lived one life when I was young. And any nonsense that happened was contained to a very small group of individuals. Now, if you mess up, the whole world can find out and point that hypocritical finger at you…etc. Different times we’re living in for sure.

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they have much better schooling than i did now, over here things have improved so much in the last 15-20 years its unbelievable.

What’s this, @Patrick? That doesn’t sound like THINKING PEANUT BUTTER to me :scream_cat: Peanut butter for all, @Patrick! The young, the old, the rich, the poor, the sick and the well! Peanut butter!


Here in the US, we have a new way of educating today’s young people - Common Core, as it’s known. A total and utter failure. The way they teach math is unfathomably complicated and illogical. It’s truly abhorrent. For instance, when given the problem 5X3 = 15. Nope, you grab the threes and add five of them together. 3+3+3+3+3 = 15. In that regard I feel sorry for the younger generation. It’s totally preparing them for failure at the professional level. Phonics are gone too. You no longer sound words out, you memorize the word. Dumb.

The exposure of teenagers and pre-teens to predatory people is shameful. So many “apps” (I HATE that damn word - not everything is an "app"lication) that create hazards from molesters and rapists. Smartphones need to be bought by someone when they’re 18, what with all this crap like Snapchat and what-have-you exposing kids to bullying and assault. It’s scary.

As far as their attitudes, I find them rather self-absorbed (what do you expect when you take 45 selfies a day?). They tend towards liberalism (neither good nor bad), but a lot of the “scene” is laughable. The dopey hats and facial hair…bah.

They are being raised in a flourishing culture of sex. Look at their musical idols… Now I feel like an old grandma admonishing their kids for liking Elvis the Twisting Pelvis. Can’t take much more clothing off these people before they’re naked. Who knows? Maybe that’s next?

If you look at history, it’s almost always the young people that create change.
Young people are far more idealistic than people over the age of 50–and that’s a good thing. And, yes, more open-minded.
That said, people (like myself) who were in pre-deinstitutionalization asylums where unspeakable atrocities occurred on a daily basis, sometimes feel that our sacrifices aren’t fully appreciated by the younger generations. Of course that’s a generalization on my part and unfair. However, being an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital these days is like staying at a 5-star hotel compared to what people over the age of 50 with schizophrenia were subjected to.


That’s not representative of the generation I don’t think. I agree, a large portion of people are misusing and abusing tech but there are even more that are growing up responsible.
Pop culture and media are to blame and the marketing is horrendous.
Honest dialogue at a young age is key.


I don’t have much contact with the younger generation, so I don’t know that much about them, but if they are like I was when I was seventeen, God help us.


lol @Rhubot!..


Thanks @Sharp :wink: