What do you guys think?


anxiety on one side of the family

depression on the other side

does that make schizophrenia?

what all do you come from?


Lots of depression. One cousin with schizophrenia. That’s about it.


then why aren’t we manic depressives?



I don’t think only genetics play a part. Also even if it is genetic not everyone has the same outcome. It’s like they say everyone has cancer cells but. That doesn’t mean they.have cancer


I read a great book on writers and artists and their conditions

due to genes. It traced family history.

Lord Byron could destroy a room in a manic state.


I would go so far as to say genius at something

it seems to fit.


I took my son to Dance Gala one year

(Down syndrome) he got all the emotion out of it

more so than anyone watching.


Anxiety is a big part of my problems


it doesnt really mean anything tbh unless it is hereditary and you get the active genes then you might develop it but even then you may not, its not that clear cut.

sounds a bit like shifting the blame all of that lingo anyway lol not that anyone is to blame (or any thing)


I believe it runs on my moms side, while autism runs on my dads side. According to imprinted brain theory, I have more of my mothers genes expressed.


A ■■■■■■ up family.
But my grandmother on my dad’s side is pretty awesome.


that’s bittersweet.

of all the 10 kids in mother’s family,

only Paul had Learning Disability, couldn’t get a driver’s license.

He always thought he was better, and would never be lumped in with others.
after all, he ran the farm.

Now all the cousins have it. Skipped a generation.