What About Your Family

I am curious, how many of you have family members that suffer sone formy of diagnosed mental illness too?
For me, my sister is bi-polar, her daughter is too. My grandmother was being treated for depression, although if the doctor really knew her he would have treated her for bi-polar as well. A day good old dad was an alcoholic.

My father was bipolar. He committed suicide by shotgun when he was 53 (I was 19). What a damn shame it was.


father - child sex abuser, and the irony he had depression !
mother - malignent sociopath narcissist with ocd
sister - depression anorexia
brother- mult-millionaire selfish greedy git ( don’t think this is a mental illness yet ! )

and then me, i’m the sane one

take care from argumentative sith :alien:


wow , sorry to hear that…my next door neighbour did that two years ago.
take care :alien:,


we must have had the same parents.?..


Hopefully you weren’t around it @darksith. I saw the scene and the body of my father. It was totally traumatizing in the worst way. These days I dream about my dad fairly often, but we are doing fun things in my dreams (i.e., there is no more hate or anger in my dreams), such as fishing or buying a house together. I miss my dad so much. :’(


so sorry man, that it happened to you and that you saw the scene.
but at least you are having good dreams about him.
i have no words to describe how sorry i am for you.
know some one cares.
take care :alien:


Thanks @darksith. I was diagnosed as schizophrenic because of trauma, and that didn’t help. Guess I was destined to see the ugly of life. Thanks for caring! Hope you are well!


you should hold your head up high for surviving all that, i am sure your dad is very proud of you.
take care :alien:


My family cursed me w/genes and blessed me w/love.


No one in my immediate family…well my grandfather has dementia/altimeters, if you count him as immediate? That’s why I feel kind of alone sometimes because no one really understands what I’m going through…though I think my parents may have some borderline illnesses but they keep the pushed back and aren’t affected by it. and from stories I’ve heard about past relatives on both families that I wound up with what I have, but I think i’m if not the first, one of the few that have been officially diagnosed back in the good old day’s people growing up out in the country didn’t often get diagnoses, they were just “the odd people”…

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Dad was diagnosed PTSD. He’s gone now RIP. My brother with depression.

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Mental illness is a hush-hush topic in my family. For example, my dad’s mom has either depression or PTSD, found out cuz my mom told me but even she’s not completely sure what’s happening because everyone tries to cover up. My own parents shot me down when I tried talking to them about my issues. It was really crushing for me.

It’s also bad because it means I have 0 idea about mental illness history in my family. For all I know every generation could have gotten this psychosis and just hidden it like I do.

I think my youngest brother has it too. He’s always scared like I was, sleeps with all lights on, music blasting, a baseball bat. He tries to cover it up and act tough though.

It’s really frustrating. I wish my family was more supportive and open minded about mental/emotional issues instead of just saying they only happen to other people. I envy people who have the support of their family in that aspect of life.

I have a cousine with Sz.
My aunt has panic attacks.
My dad is paranoid.
My mom is a shaman and talks to spirits.
My sister is fed up on her life (or rather husband)
My son has PDD-NOS
My husband prop has ADHD

My Mother suffers from Major Depressive Disorder and Panic Disorder , my Father has ADHD and anxiety with some OCD.

My brother suffers from Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety - and I probably suffer from Bipolar type 1 mixed in with some SZ and anxiety and OCD.
I did have a lot of panic disorder symptoms, especially growing up.

Lots of panic disorder, anxiety and depression with extended family members as well.

Nothing at all in my family tree. It’s weird cuz I’ve read several times that it has a strong genetics factor. My dad only told me about a distant uncle who was on medication but they never figured out what was really wrong with him…

I’m convinced my SZ was brought on by early Marijuana use (I started at 15).

My paternal grandfather had depression for which he had ECT in the early 50s.
My sister was on antidepressants for depression and has had eating problems.
My mother abused alcohol and was highly neurotic but never had a diagnosis of anything…
My brother is quite paranoid but has never had a psychiatric dx.
They are moderately heavily loaded for addiction.

I have an Uncle with Sz (My Dad’s brother)
One brother with depression
One brother bipolar 1
Had a cousin with bipolar (he left this life a few years ago)
my kid sis has been fighting off anorexia

I have all these Crazy Irishmen on my Dad’s side.

My Dad was an only child, another sister died in childbirth.
His Mom, My Grandmother was the only one of 7? children to have a child.

One of her sister’s died of TB at 12. Two Brothers killed themselves but we never talk about that.
Its a secret never mentioned.
Her other sister graduated from Law school and passed the bar in the 1940s? wow was she smart.
But for some reason she was ‘very nervous’ and lived alone and worked as a clerk getting files for other lawyers I think.
I did meet her as a child and she may have been touched but who knows. Her sister took care of her. She even lived in their house for a while.

Back in the 1940s and around then it was a big secret never talked about.
If a family could not take care of them then there were mental hospitals.
Then the government got involved…

2 uncles with SZ and my dad has depression.