What do you conversate with your voices

I just talk to my voices all day distracted from the real world. Today it was having a rap battle in my head, talking about me winning the lottery, and then trying to convince me to kill myself… Ehhhh…

I used to talk to my voices at the expense of talking to the people outside my head. I started to ignore everything around me and only react to my voices. But I was missing out on huge chunks of life. My meds got changed and now I’m having much more fun in this world where no voice is telling me I’m horrid and should die.

The more I listened to people outside my head who were NOT telling me I should kill myself, my voices began to give up on that game. They are much easier to ignore. I still like them up there, they let me know the hamster is still on the wheel. I still hear something funny from them. I still have to tell them shut-up. But it’s sort of a balance now.

I don’t say anything to them. The only time I ever do tell them something, its to insult them or tell them to shutup. Every now and then they’ll say something that gets my dander up, and of course they see it does. And I tell them thats ok. I don’t care.

My voices would say things like “you’ve gotta give it to him” or “you’re one tough kid” or “atta boy” when I would do productive, challenging things like take exams or lift weights. The rest wasn’t so nice.